Perceptions shape realities, and Coach D’s programs are known for helping people make major perceptual shifts.  Motivation without information is simply a good conversation is a motto Coach D lives by.  His speaking, training, coaching and consulting projects are motivational as well as highly strategic.  For close to 16 years, Coach D has helped to transform the outcomes of thousands of organization and individuals worldwide!

Coach D’s Offers:

Highly motivational and strategic keynote speeches and workshops.

Long term consulting projects for schools, non-profit associations and businesses.

Executive and career coaching

Student, parent and educator motivational and strategic events.

Corporate or non-profit staff training and professional development.

Coach D’s ability to communicate interpersonal passion as well as strategic process is one of the reasons he is often contracted to speak, train and provide long term consulting solutions for customers worldwide.  He looks forward to impacting and transforming your organization, school or company in the same manner.

About Darrell Andrews Enterprises

Mission Statement

Darrell Andrews Enterprises’ mission is to transform individual and organizational perceptions with the goal of improving individual and organizational outcomes.

Darrell Andrews Enterprises is a strategic motivational speaking, training, consulting and coaching firm.  Our programs are designed to passionately impact the perceptions of individuals with the goal of improving successful work, school, and life outcomes.  Our primary customers are workforce development organizations, schools and school districts.  Be it a keynote speech, high strategic motivational workshop, long term consulting project or coaching session, our programs will:

  • Help to modify the perceptions of attendees towards the organization’s goals and objectives;
  • Inspire individuals to increase their level of personal expectations;
  • Connect the power of passion to individual and organizational outcomes.
  • Provide people with adequate tools for change;
  • Engage people in the power of teamwork to achieve individual and departmental outcomes.

We have the unique ability to impact people from all walks of life and all generations.  This is our unique selling proposition.