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The Type of Success That Leads To Depression

This is not an easy article to write considering the recent death of an American Icon, Robin Williams. I loved just about every role he played from Mork & Mindy to Lovelace in “Happy Feet.” My kids were heartbroken as well when they heard of his passing for he played many kid friendly roles in […]

5 Strategic Youth Motivation Keys

For a myriad of reasons, inspiring students in this generation is becoming increasingly difficult. Educators and youth stakeholders nationwide complain about the attitudes and dispositions of students and its impact on learning.  During my multiple interactions with schools, organizations and government agencies nationwide, I noticed five key strategies used to motivate youth towards excellence academically […]

The Fate Of The Western Civilization Is Riding On The Shoulders Of The Fathers

Several years ago my son and I attended a father-son retreat and the director of the organization that coordinated the event shared this statement in the beginning of his speech.  This one sentence has echoed in my head almost non-stop since then.  I think the primary reason why the statement touched me is my deep […]