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Join the thousands of organizations and individuals worldwide that have booked Darrell “Coach D” Andrews as a professional coach!

We are committed to helping leaders and individuals become accountable to career and life objectives. Our mission is to make a significant and positive impact within every organization and individual we serve. We are passionate about coaching. We take great pride in serving our customers. Our coaching programs are customizable and can be designed to suit your timeline, budget parameters and goals.

Services range from group sessions to coaching for few select individuals. Darrell Andrews Enterprise’s upfront analysis assures coaching success and customer satisfaction.

Individual Coaching- Darrell “Coach D” Andrews helps individuals define who they are as leaders, create self-awareness, achieve life-career balance and provide a risk-free environment in which individuals can take their careers to the next level.

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Coaching Programs

Accountability Coaching-Leaders and individuals have multiple responsibilities that impacts their ability to focus on the task at hand. Our Accountability Coaching helps leaders become accountable and motivated to achieve their work goals.

Group Coaching-Group coaching is a powerful and cost effective addition to an organization’s executive coaching program. It builds leadership capacity through sharing of ideas, creative problem-solving and building peer networks.

Coaching Offerings!

Life Balance Coaching

If you are looking for a coach to help you balance your life, this program is for you.  Our families need us to balance work and life and sometimes we need accountability to accomplish this. If you have general life balance issues in which you can use coaching assistance, call the office to schedule an analysis for our general life balance coaching sessions.

Career Coaching

With the recession lingering for many, people are reinventing themselves, and my desire as a coach is to help my customers maneuver through this life transition.  Our career coaching programs are energizing as well as informative.  We will walk through a strategic process that will end in a career directly connected to your passion and purpose.

Speaker Coaching

Are you looking to enhance your speaking skill sets or possibly become a professional speaker?  Coach D is a Certified Speaking Professional with close to two decades of experience.  His coaching sessions will help you as a professional become a more polished presenter. If your desire is to become a professional speaker, we can provide expert advice and direction.

Team/Group Coaching

A good coach loves coaching a winning team.  On occasion, the team needs a little strategy as well as an infusion of motivation to achieve organizational goals.   If you are planning a retreat, departmental meeting or planning session, call our office to increase the passion and possibilities through Coach D group coaching sessions.  Coach D’s group sessions can be conducted as a one-time event or contracted to provide on-going coaching that includes progress reports and assessments. Coach D’s desire is to help the team win.

Small Business Coaching

One of the keys to my close to two decades of small business success is the ability to focus on the task at hand.  Many small businesses fail due to their inability to prioritizeRunning a business is totally different than working for one. It can be overwhelming if you don’t develop a daily plan of action. Our small business coaching sessions will help business owners stay committed to a daily or weekly plan of action.  Coach D’s no-nonsense style of coaching will help even the greatest procrastinator stay focused on completing their business objectives.  This program works best when a longer term coaching contract is in place.  One- time sessions can start the process; however, a longer coaching commitment will help you to advance your business.

Coaching Options

We offer our clients 4 options

Option 1Single General Session-This session will help you lay a general foundation in the pursuit of your goal.  We will spend one hour analyzing effective strategies.

Option 2Starter Coaching-Phone, SKYPE or live Coaching Sessions for a two-month period are designed to help the you lay out a general plan of action for the achievement of your goal. We will help our client establish a clear vision and mission as well as define effective pursuit strategies.

Option 3Accountability Coaching-Clients will be held accountable to their goal plans on a bi-weekly basis for six months or more.  Accountability is critical to goal success. Significant communications will take place between sessions via on-line tools.

Option 4-Organizational Coaching-Book Coach D to spending 1-3 days establishing systems of success with your company or organizational leaders at your location!

CHOOSE ONE TODAY AND LET’S GET STARTED! Call the office today toll-free 1-866-4-COACHD (426-2243) for a no-cost discussion and coaching analysis.