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The Passion Mapping Seminar-Connecting Dreams To Education

This high-energy event has helped thousands of youth worldwide connect their future dreams to their current education. It is designed to help students identify personal affinities (Gifts, Talents, and Abilities) and connect them to their current classroom experience as well as future college and career goals. This event is high-energy, fun and informative. It is a guaranteed hit!

Show Me Your Friends And I Will Show Your Your Future!

The greatest threat to school and life success to a student is who they hand around!  Students who have the potential to get good grades do not, because they are trying to please negative friends more than themselves. This hands on workshop or high powered assembly speech will empower students to take charge of their friendships and focus on relationships that take them up–not down!  We discuss the importance of students finding a success “Dream Team.”  The importance of having 3-4 friends who want to see you succeed!

The Power of A College Dream!

Many youth struggle with understanding the importance of college. This high-energy speech or workshop helps students realize the power of college to achieve their dreams and goals. If a student is first generation, the dream is the primary hope that they can complete the process.  This session is designed to help students overcome barriers to college attendance by connecting their future college dreams to their current education.

Male Talk

One of our great challenges in schools worldwide is engaging our young men of color in educational excellence. Book “Coach D” to help your school or district develop a comprehensive “local” Male-Talk role modeling and leadership training initiative designed to help your boys of color enhance success in school and life.  We partner schools and communities to enhance outcome.

Other Topics: Leadership, Teamwork, Attitude, Conflict Resolution

Book Study

Order this life changing book for your youth. The Purpose Living Teen-A Teen’s Guide To Living Your Dreams helps students make the connection to a greater sense of personal purpose and life fulfillment. It helps to make academic and life goals come alive in the hearts and mind of your youth. This book has transformed the lives of countless students.

What Others Have To Say About Us.

Thank you again for a great “Connecting Dreams To Education” Workshop Coach D, and we will surely recommend your program to other GEAR-UP Programs as we see the positive impact you have with students as you go through your presentation.  It was much more than we expected and we believe our students walked away with a renewed determination to complete high school and attend college. We wish that ALL students in New Mexico could benefit from your services

Dr. William TaylorDirector NMHU/RNNM GEAR-UP Program

Your presentations were highly interactive and humorous with a serious message. You were able to keep our student audiences at several schools fully engaged from start to finish. You are a powerful speaker Coach D with an extraordinary ability to present your message effectively.  I would highly recommend you to present in our district again as well as districts worldwide.

Jacqui SteerPrincipal-Durham School Board, Ontario, Canada.

“Thank you for your inspirational talk you provided to our students.  Your personal message and images of hope and possibilities for life truly connected with our students in Harrisburg.  On their exit evaluations, they consistently rated you as the “Most Valuable” to their learning experience.”

Rebecca MercadoHigh School Student Program Director-Shippensburg University

Youth were energized during your “Connecting Dreams To Education” workshops.  Our youth participants gained valuable information and will benefit from the resources they received.  It is our hope that more of our WIA youth participants will have the opportunity to hear your message in the future.

Lisa LarsonCalhoun I.S.D-Michigan Works