Attitude+Aptitude is Everything!

Being a paid speaker and trainer can be interesting indeed. Many people think that if you have the “gift of gab,” you can simply open a corner store and watch the business come in. I am often told by people after my speaking events “I do exactly what you are doing.” One women told me that “I remind her of herself!” It only takes a few simple questions to realize that these people are often operating off of personal pride. They may have the attitude, but attitude alone does not make you a good business person or anything else. As a matter of fact, attitude alone is frustrating if it is not followed up with action that leads to successful outcomes. You find yourself simply “dreaming” and not “doing.” The doers of the world control their future while the spectators watch from a distance. Attitude is the fuel that lights the dream, but aptitude is what will make the dream happen! Knowing the process of making a dream become a reality is one of the most overlooked aspects of success. The process; however, is not fun. The process takes personal sacrifice, humility and in many cases, the desire risk it all. Many of the people who try to compare themselves to me have not quit their jobs, put up their own money to fund the dream or spend thousands of hours reading, taking courses, being mentored and listening to CD’s-(MPEG’s) or watching DVD’s etc. Aptitude comes from experience and a tenacious appetite for learning. I have found that the most successful people I have been around are often the must humble. Most people do not even know that these people have succeeded. They are not broadcasting their success to the world, they are taking the low road and simply maximizing their potential everyday.

One must develop a thirst for learning, risk taking and most importantly humility, if they plan on achieving the goals they are setting out for. Aptitude is the missing ingredient in this new world of “microwave” success. One thing I realize about the microwave; however, is that it starts fast but it ends fast as well. Become a crock pot and let your wisdom and knowledge simmer in the pot. Once it all comes together, you will have a meal that is out of this world. You will also have a lot left over to share with others!

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