The Power of School Leadership!

Years ago, I visited the Mathematics, Civics and Sciences School in the state of Pennsylvania. For the first time in my professional career, I was not visiting a school to speak to the staff, motivate students or engage the parents; I visited the school to see if what I was hearing about it was true. […]

New Years Resolutions-The Inside Out Method!

  Every year we enjoy a season of euphoria. The holidays themselves sort of contribute to this euphoria but the one thing that really gets people excited in a fresh start. A chance to review goals and objectives, a chance to get excited about a new beginning, an opportunity to plan, prepare and dream big. […]

The Unequalled Power of Balanced Focus!

People worldwide establish goals and objectives, but I find that many fall short of achieving them. If you think of it realistically, we all have goals, even if not written on paper. The goal of career success, academic success, better marriages, family-life balance, improved relationships, saving money, weight loss and many others run through our […]

Fall in Love With The Process-Not The Dream!

Many years ago I met a very successful business owner in Virginia. This amazing gentleman shared a multitude of insights relating to his business success, struggles, highs and lows. I was new to business and was honored that a person who built his business from scratch to over 100 million dollars in less than a […]


No-Excuses For The New School Year!

Motivation and student relationship building are critical to establishing a paradigm of success in a school or school district. Getting educators to see the big picture, understand the importance of student connectedness and personalization and helping students realize the power of education to achieve their life dreams-are often directly connected to the messages they here […]

So You Want To Be A Motivational Speaker?

Being a professional speaker, trainer, coach and consultant on a full-time basis is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. It is rewarding because you get to do what most people only dream of doing, standing on stages worldwide sharing your thoughts, ideas and concepts. As a result, you get the chance to meet […]

The Type of Success That Leads To Depression

This is not an easy article to write considering the recent death of an American Icon, Robin Williams. I loved just about every role he played from Mork & Mindy to Lovelace in “Happy Feet.” My kids were heartbroken as well when they heard of his passing for he played many kid friendly roles in […]

The Invisible Student-A National Epidemic

Early one morning, a student named invisible awakened to an empty home. Dad left the family years ago and mom is so consumed with her boyfriend that she’s frequently in and out of the home. For the sake of equality, lets say that this kid could also be in a two-parent home with mom and […]

Darrell "Coach D" Andrews

Delaware Makes Spanking A Crime!

Delaware becomes the first state in the nation to ban spanking.  It is now a crime in DE to spank you kids.  What are your thoughts on this? Does the Government have the right to take this age old disciplinary action out of the hands of parents?  Please post your thoughts. Click on link to […]

5 Strategic Youth Motivation Keys

For a myriad of reasons, inspiring students in this generation is becoming increasingly difficult. Educators and youth stakeholders nationwide complain about the attitudes and dispositions of students and its impact on learning.  During my multiple interactions with schools, organizations and government agencies nationwide, I noticed five key strategies used to motivate youth towards excellence academically […]