The Fate Of The Western Civilization Is Riding On The Shoulders Of The Fathers

Several years ago my son and I attended a father-son retreat and the director of the organization that coordinated the event shared this statement in the beginning of his speech.  This one sentence has echoed in my head almost non-stop since then.  I think the primary reason why the statement touched me is my deep […]

School Bullying Has Got To Stop! Parents Step In !

I have personally visited hundreds of schools in my career as a speaker and trainer.  The subject of Bullying is slowly becoming one of my major concerns because I can see the hurt in many kids eyes as I present at their schools.  My presentations give them a glimmer of hope, but this is just […]

The Success Trap

Recently there have been several articles highlighting highly successful athletes blowing hundreds of millions of dollars in a relatively short period of time.  First of all, I could not imagine what is like to have this much money but if I had, I could not fathom blowing it.  I am a pretty frugal person so […]

Is America Losing Its Way?

  Many people talk about “our founding fathers” and the values they possessed that caused them to risk their lives to build this nation.  Certainly, they had their flaws as well, slavery being the worst.  They did however value family, friendships, character, honor and patriotism.  They honored manhood, and women were treated with respect and […]

Motivating Students Of Color

Many say that a prophet is without honor in his (or her) own home town.  I found this not to be the case in my home state recently-keeping in mind that I do not really consider myself a prophet but a caring stakeholder.  On Tuesday August 9th, 2011, I will be conducting my workshop Believing […]

Innovation+Creativity+People Skills=Employment

The Job Market as we know it has changed.  In my personal research, I have found that employers of today are looking for innovation, creativity and people skills in a prospective employee.  Employers, more than ever are open to new ideas on how to make a job more effective and want to hire people who […]

Show Me Your Friends And I WIll Show You Your Future!

Year ago Bill Gates was asked that question, “what is one of your main formulas for success?” Without blinking an eye he said “hiring smart people as well as surrounding yourself with smart people.”  His best friend is Warren Buffet, who just recently decided to leave his 40+ billion dollar empire to the Bill Gates […]

Philadelphia School District Employees-Layoffs Can Mean A New Beginning!

Over 3,000 people in the Philadelphia School District were recently given the pink slip.  A Judge did rule that the 1,500 notices that were given to teachers must be rescinded.  I cannot imagine the impact laying off this many people in a school district will have on the quality of education.  No matter what the […]

Attitude+Aptitude is Everything!

Being a paid speaker and trainer can be interesting indeed. Many people think that if you have the “gift of gab,” you can simply open a corner store and watch the business come in. I am often told by people after my speaking events “I do exactly what you are doing.” One women told me […]

Reinvention-The Key To 21st Century Career Success!

Nationally recognized author Daniel Pink mentions in his book, A Whole New Mind “the jobs that our parents enjoyed in the past are not going to be the jobs that we will enjoy in the future Many of the jobs are, or will become obsolete.” In the past two years companies eliminated 7 million jobs, […]