Academic Relevance Is Connected To Dream Relevance

I remember as a child desiring to one day become a pro football player. I loved football with a passion and worked hard in the gym as well as studying the playbook just to make sure I did my job correctly. I also remember thinking that I was a pretty good basketball player as well. […]

Switch Careers To Be Happier

Here is a good article if you are considering switching careers.  Many people are pondering this thought in today’s marketplace. What are your thoughts on changing careers? Have you done this in your lifetime? If so, how did it work out for you? Switch Careers to Be Happier See how getting the right education could […]

Should Parents Be Charged For School Activities?

MEDINA, Ohio—Karen Dombi was thrilled when her three oldest children were picked for student government this year—not because she envisioned careers in politics, but because it was one of the few programs at their public high school that didn’t charge kids to participate. Medina City Schools are in deep financial trouble. To save their vaunted […]

Your Passion Can Become Your Career!

Recently I conducted a series of of my “Turning Passion Into Careers” workshops.  A woman that was in attendance, who had been unemployed for a year, told me that she volunteers to conduct “Dress for Success” workshops in her area.  She went on to say how much she LOVES helping women “accessorize.”  This wonderful lady […]

“Passionate” Corporate Programs

“If you were not motivated by that speech, you need to leave this place and go immediately to the emergency room!  What a great speech for our Senior Executives and Associates.”Mike Duke | President and CEO | Wal-Mart Corporation    ************ “On  behalf of NAIFA North Carolina, the leading advocacy association in the life and […]

"Passionate" Education Programs

“Your involvement and contribution helped us to “Realize America’s New Education Promise.”  We received positive feedback from Summer Institute participants regarding your presentation in that it resulted in a renewed sense of enthusiasm and encouragement.  You can be proud that your contribution will help school practitioners and stakeholders develop activities for students that will help […]

"Passionate" Workforce Development Programs

  “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your years of services as a workforce development contractor for both the Delaware Private Industry Council and Workforce Investment Board.  We have been able to count on your integrity and cooperation at every point.” Thomas Smith | Program Manager | Delaware Department of […]

“Passionate” Coaching Programs

  “Your strategic insights to our senior managers and directors was very helpful in establishing effective leadership practices during our global merger. We are very excited that we contracted you to coach and train our global leadership team.”Julie Holan | Director of Marketing Communications | First Data International

"Passionate" College Programs

“Thank you for inspiring me and my fellow students to higher heights. Your session was so powerful that students continued to discuss your leadership insights months after you conducted your lecture. We highly recommend your speaking and lecture programs for campuses throughout the USA!-President of CAB-Radford College