Fall in Love With The Process-Not The Dream!

Many years ago I met a very successful business owner in Virginia. This amazing gentleman shared a multitude of insights relating to his business success, struggles, highs and lows. I was new to business and was honored that a person who built his business from scratch to over 100 million dollars in less than a decade would take the time to meet with me. He recently sold his business for 250 million dollars. Life is good in his world.

Of all the things he shared with me, one thing was the spark that helped me build my business dream as a speaker, trainer, author and career-life coach. This one thing I have been sharing with business owners, heads of organizations, education leaders as well as many other customers who are trying to advance their dreams and goals. His statement, from my perspective was one of the greatest secrets to business success that I have ever heard–Don’t fall in love with the dream, fall in love with the process. He told me in our conversation, “Most people have big dreams and spend their entire lives dreaming about them. It is the people who work effective processes and systems, on a daily basis, that achieve their goals and dreams. I started my business with nothing, almost lost my home several times, but stuck to an effective and disciplined system that has led me to where I am at today.” His lesson gave me a new perspective on the message of dreams, “Dream big but work strategically.” It is the strategic minded people (who are dreamers as well) in the world of business, education, ministry and other, who achieve the fruits of their labor. As a career-purpose-life coach, I have found that these people have also turned the process into a habitual way of pursuing a goal. They do it over and over again until it becomes routine. Most people spend their entire lives like a yoyo–up and down and up and down. Inconsistency in business, leadership or anything else, will stifle progress. This does not mean that we don’t occasionally shift strategies or go in new directions–it does mean however that we learn to develop habits that produce successful outcomes. Thinking about the dream, telling everybody about it, but not developing successful systems to achieve it– will turn the dream into frustration. Eventually you will end up despising the thing that could have brought you lots of joy. The dream eventually becomes what could have happened instead of what actually happened.

My wife visited the YMCA the other day and a friend of ours was participating in a high intensity body-pump class, even though she is 6 months pregnant. My wife was amazed at the energy and stamina this pregnant woman possessed. What you need to know about this person however is that she does not miss a day at the YMCA in our area. She is in there everyday pushing herself to the max! She has developed an amazing system of working out and as a result, even though 6 months pregnant, has the ability to take herself to high levels. The message within the message here is that our friend is not in shape not because she had a dream to be in shape only, it is because she works a system of fitness everyday, that leads to achieving the dream of being in shape. Get it?
If you find that you are always admiring your dreams from afar, maybe it is time to look beyond the dream and into the process and habits you have established in pursuit of your dream. Who knows, with the right systems in place, shift of habits, many might wake up one morning and realize that the dream is now realized. People will ask you how you did it. Your response will be simple, “I fell in love with the process and magically, the dream appeared.”

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No-Excuses For The New School Year!

Motivating Students In Texas!

Motivating Students In Texas!

Motivation and student relationship building are critical to establishing a paradigm of success in a school or school district. Getting educators to see the big picture, understand the importance of student connectedness and personalization and helping students realize the power of education to achieve their life dreams-are often directly connected to the messages they here in the beginning of the year–and beyond. Helping students and educators develop a NO-EXC– — USES mindset in the beginning of the year is a critical pathway to embracing the big picture. As a strange sort of analogy, I watched the movie “Get On Up”, the story of James Brown last night with my bride of 20 years. In the movie there was a segment where Little Richard shared a few words of motivation and encouragement with James Brown that put him on his music destiny track. Not that I support JB’s lifestyle by any stretch of the imagination but the story illustrates how one person, sharing motivational advice, can change the outcome of a person’s life. Little Richard shared the big picture with James, and James was able to catch the vision. In your school(s) there are hundreds of students and many staff that can change their academic and life paradigms by the power of well-positioned words! A powerful event at the beginning of the year can lay a foundation for yearlong success.
In my work with schools worldwide–this is one of my primary goals. To share insights with educators, students and parents in such a way that one word from my NO-EXC– — USES assembly, workshop or PD, will be the fuse that lights the fire of potential. Some contract our firm for a long-term approach of on-going training and development, but if even for single events, a powerful presentation/training can impact climate and expectations throughout the year. So far, over 1,700 schools and districts worldwide have sought out my expert advice and motivation and many lives and careers have been set on the right track as a result.
If you are looking to set your school, district or program off this year with a powerful message of NO Excuses! give my office a call to discuss a potential speaking or workshop date. We still have some dates available in August, September and October.
Here are a few video links to view:
Link 1-School District Convocation!
Link #2-Student Motivational Rally!
Link #3-Parent-As-Coach Workshop!
Please feel free to contact our office toll-free at 1-866-426-2243 or e-mail info@coachdspeaks.com for a no-cost analysis of how we can bring a NO-EXC– — USES presentation to your school or schools this year. You can also visit my education page https://coachdspeaks.com/programs/education-programs for program information. You will be getting an expert with over 15 years of experience who has helped thousands of schools and districts succeed! I have hundreds of references if you need the opinion of your peers!
Make this one of your greatest years ever. It is time to blow the box up! NO MORE EXC– — USES!

The Invisible Student-A National Epidemic

Early one morning, a student named invisible awakened to an empty home. Dad left the family years ago and mom is so consumed with her boyfriend that she’s frequently in and out of the home. For the sake of equality, lets say that this kid could also be in a two-parent home with mom and dad, but both work 18-hour shifts, so the invisible student has to get up and moving on their own in the morning. Invisible does not get the traditional “kiss on the cheek” or the “breakfast is ready” morning proclamation from mom, because no one has ever been there to see them off. Once dressed in the same clothes they have worn for years, the invisible student eats breakfast, packs a meager lunch and heads to the bus stop.

While on the corner, several kids tease the invisible student for they are not part of the in crowd. No friends to talk to so the invisible student curls up in the corner on the bus, feeling alone once again. In school, the teacher says nothing to the invisible child for they don’t see them. They give amazing shout outs to the students who are doing well in school and are highly visible, but not one peep about the invisible student because to them, this student does not exist. The invisible child is picked on and teased by their peers all day long because they are not popular and do not wear the latest clothes. The invisible child gets to the point that they begin to wonder if their life really matters and contemplates suicide. They have come to the conclusion that “nobody cares about me, so why care about myself!”

One day the invisible student walks into the school and a new teacher says to them “You have a pretty smile.” The student ignores the statement for since they are invisible, this teacher can’t be talking about them! The next day, the same teacher tells the student, “I notice that your grades have improved slightly and I am glad to see that you are moving in the right direction.” The invisible student stares at the teacher but begins to doubt the their sincerity. The teacher later in the week tells the student, “I have been noticing you for a while and I want to let you know that I think you are talented and gifted. I would like to sit down with you and discuss programs in the school I think your talents would be beneficial to. You are very special to me and I want you to know that your life counts. Together, we are going to show the world how great you really are!” Suddenly, the invisible child now wakes up in the morning with sense of enthusiasm. They pack their lunch, iron their clothes and sprint to the bus stop. The negative words of their classmates begin to diminish for they realize that this invisible student has become visible, and is now displaying confidence. Many peers admire the new-found strength of the newly “visible” student and begin to befriend them. The school begins to rally around the visible child and connects them to organizations that can help their home situation improve. The invisible student, now visible, becomes one of the highest rated students academically, and eventually graduates with honors. The amazing realization of the story is that the invisible student became visible, because one teacher, by taking the time to notice this child, freed them from their mental bondage.

I am sure by now you can see that this story is fiction. But in some ways it is truthful for many schools have countless invisible students. In my staff programs nationally, I share with teachers and school stakeholders, I believe invisible students are one of the biggest hidden problems in schools worldwide–kids walking into and leaving schools, totally unnoticed.   As mentioned in my writings in the past, many kids, after my motivational assemblies walk up to me and share their stories. Most recently in a program in Kansas where a young lady in high school told me she was planning on dropping out and moving to another city. I shared this information with the organization that contracted me to speak to the students and they followed-up with intervention. I often ask the kids why they felt comfortable sharing this with me and not someone in their school? Many tell me that they feel like nobody around them cares!

If we are ever going to close the gap, race to the top, or establish common core standards, we better first realize that the kids we are working with are human beings who without self-esteem and self-worth, will never reach their full academic or life potential. The one motivational push I have in my work/mission is to see schools nationwide, develop fortitude in the majority of the school stakeholders to pick up the mantra held by the aforementioned caring teacher. Then and only then will we level the playing field in our education systems.  History is the best data to prove this!

What are your thoughts on this topic. Have you witnessed this before?


Delaware Makes Spanking A Crime!

Darrell "Coach D" AndrewsDelaware becomes the first state in the nation to ban spanking.  It is now a crime in DE to spank you kids.  What are your thoughts on this?

Does the Government have the right to take this age old disciplinary action out of the hands of parents?  Please post your thoughts.

Click on link to view article.

Delaware Bans Spanking!



5 Strategic Youth Motivation Keys

For a myriad of reasons, inspiring students in this generation is becoming increasingly difficult. Educators and youth stakeholders nationwide complain about the attitudes and dispositions of students and its impact on learning.  During my multiple interactions with schools, organizations and government agencies nationwide, I noticed five key strategies used to motivate youth towards excellence academically and personally.  These are very simple steps that if applied, can produce amazing results.

  1. Focus On The Student-Often schools and organizations have agendas and the agendas drive their interactions.  The best education connectors are those who focus on the student first.  By winning the trust of the student, it becomes easier to achieve organizational or individual goals and objectives.
  2. Recognize Their Efforts-Placing student work on the walls of the classroom is a sure way to show them you recognize their efforts.  It tells the students that you care. Create some form of recognizing their efforts for in doing so, they will recognize yours!
  3. Project Based Learning-Students love working in teams. Occasionally  giving them projects to work on together boosts their morale.
  4. Reverse Psychology-Youth today are used to hearing negative comments about their generation. Find as many ways as possible to complement them. They will at first seem shocked, but after awhile they will begin to look for the recognition.
  5. Role Models-Bring role models into your school, class or organization as often as possible. A once a year career day cannot combat the onslaught of negative role models our kids see on TV daily. By showing them multiple success stories in their own community, you will increase their level of hope in the classroom.

Motivation is critical to student success.  Visit our education page on the speaking page https://coachdspeaks.com/programs/education-programs/ for more information regarding our educator and student motivation events.  The more you motivate the kids, the more they will motivate you!

Have a Passionate Day!