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Join the thousands of business and individuals worldwide that have booked Darrell “Coach D” Andrews as a professional coach!

We offer two specific coaching options that can be conducted in the following manner.

Individual Coaching- Darrell “Coach D” Andrews conducts individual sessions with coachees.  We customize the programs to fit the needs of each coaching client. You will earn from our 20 plus years of experience in business and coaching.

Mastermind-You create your own small group and we coach your team on strategies of success based upon our coaching offerings. Your cost drops significantly by creating your own “Mastermind” group in which we coach.

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Mastermind Group Coaching


Empowerment Expert Coaching Seminar

Coaching Programs

Coaching Offerings!

Empowerment Expert Coaching

Are you looking to become an empowerment expert as a coach, speaker and or trainer?  Go through Coach D’s 12 week “Becoming An Empowerment Expert” coaching programs that share 20 years of full time expertise relating to coaching and training expertise.

Small Business Coaching

One of the keys to my close to two decades of small business success is the ability to focus on the task at hand.  Many small businesses fail due to their inability to prioritizeRunning a business is totally different than working for one. It can be overwhelming if you don’t develop a daily plan of action. Our small business coaching sessions will help business owners stay committed to a daily or weekly plan of action.  Coach D’s no-nonsense style of coaching will help even the greatest procrastinator stay focused on completing their business objectives.  This program works best when a longer term coaching contract is in place.  One- time sessions can start the process; however, a longer coaching commitment will help you to advance your business.

Coaching Options

We offer our clients 4 options

Option 1Single General Session-This session will help you lay a general foundation in the pursuit of your goal.  We will spend one hour analyzing effective strategies.

Option 2Starter Coaching-Phone, SKYPE or live Coaching Sessions for a two-month period are designed to help the you lay out a general plan of action for the achievement of your goal. We will help our client establish a clear vision and mission as well as define effective pursuit strategies.

Option 3Accountability Coaching-Clients will be held accountable to their goal plans on a bi-weekly basis for six months or more.  Accountability is critical to goal success. Significant communications will take place between sessions via on-line tools.

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