We customize all of our think tank sessions, speeches, consulting and training events to the needs of the customer!

Through the power of core values evaluation, accountability, strategic think tank session, motivational workshops and training-we help our customers build successful organizational cultures. A successful culture, driven by a well executed plan of action–leads to increased team productivity and enhanced workplace significance and synergy.

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Coach D Enhancing “Teamwork” Application With Verizon Leaders and Managers


Coach D Discussing The Core Value-“Striving For Excellence” With Walmart Executives Worldwide

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Darrell “Coach D” Andrews Conducting A “Strategic Think Tank” Session For Corporate Leaders in Pennsylvania

Darrell “Coach D” Andrews, America’s Passion Coach focuses on using the power of strategic motivation to help companies align their mission, vision and core values with team productivity through a process of strategic yet motivational analysis.  Alignment is necessary when you have a growing company or organization with people with varying experience levels and personal perceptions. We desire help our customers make the necessary perceptual shifts needed to succeed in the workplace and life.   Our think tank, consulting, speaking and accountability coaching programs:

Improve team productivity!

Enhance organizational culture and customer service via mission and core values development!

Provide leaders and employees with motivational as well as real world productivity strategies!

Shift leadership and employee paradigms about workplace motivation!

Are customized to fit the specific needs of each customer!

Our Services

Strategic Think Tank Sessions-“Mission and Core Values”

The power of aligning your company’s leaders with an established vision and mission is critical to achieving organizational synergy and focus. Invite “Coach D” to take your company or organizational leadership team through a strategic process of analysis that leads to team centric company core values and company mission. Our “roll up your sleeve” sessions help companies and organizations enhance their culture and climate by establishing core values that become the blueprint for daily operations.

Accountability Coaching Sessions

Contract “Coach D” as a coach to work with your organizational leaders and managers to establish success minded systems of success based upon organizational mission and core values.  Coach D’s on-going coaching sessions are insightful, motivational and designed to create long-term accountability to developed values and mission. Organizational alignment demands accountability across all sectors.


Our consulting programs help businesses and organizations remain accountable towards goals and objectives. We conduct a full upfront analysis of your organizational processes and systems and provide long-term solutions on and off-site (phone or Skype Meetings) designed to help you achieve your organizational objectives. Coach D becomes a partner in your quest to achieve targets set by your company or organization.

Training Programs

Training is a process, not necessarily a one time event. Coach D offers individual training sessions, yet the primary goal of our programs are to provide “outcomes based training” with specific strategies and follow-up measures. This may entail multiple training sessions.  We offer a variety of training possibilities.  As with all our offerings, we can provide a one-time professional session or a long-term training solution. Some of out more popular training programs include:

The Power Of Core Values! A speech designed to drive home the importance and significance of organizational core values on overall success.

Teamwork That Makes The Dreamwork-Connecting the organization mission and goals to the power of teamwork to achieve expected outcomes.

Front Line of Defense-For front line managers and employees designed to enhance the customer service experience.

Tell The Story!-This unique training is designed to enhance leadership communication skills via story telling. A good storyteller, that connects their message to a specific outcome, motivate employees to higher heights.

Communicate With Power-Improve your ability to communicate effectively to internal and external customers. Learn the dynamics of effective communication and it’s impact on your organizational and individual development and growth.

Building Customer Rapport!-Sales is all about relationships. Good customer relationships begin with “humanizing” the sales interaction. Coach D will share innovative insights into the process of building rapport that leads to improved sales outcomes.  Prior to starting his own firm, Coach D was a top rated sales representative and trainer for a fortune 500 company.

High Energy-Strategic Speeches

Darrell “Coach D” Andrews is world renowned for his high energy yet strategic speeches. Corporations, governments and organizations worldwide have booked Coach to inspire their employees and teams. Book Coach D to conduct a motivational keynote speech for your:

National, Regional, State or District Meeting

Leadership Meeting

Employee Meeting


Sales Meeting

Team Meeting

We customize all of our speeches to the theme of your event and needs of our customers!