Your school, students and staff can succeed-and we are here to help!

Our company is confident that your school can succeed. No matter what the current state, successful implementation of systems and structures can change outcomes. Through speeches, consulting and training programs, we partner with our school/district customers to help create systems of motivation and strategy that lead to student success and staff synergy. Our programs nationally have helped thousands of schools rethink the way they operate and create student potential focused educators and education stakeholders. We are here to partner with you to create a school success initiative.

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Service Offerings

Our speaking, coaching or consulting for educators and education stakeholders are designed to provide motivation and insights into systems to enhance student outcomes and school culture.  Each service title listed can be used as a one time training or speech, a short or long term consulting and implementation project, or an on-going coaching program where we work with a select number of your staff to help you remain targeted and accountable to outcomes.  

Buiding Cultures of School Success!

School culture drives student and staff attitudes and expectations. The goal of our consulting and training is to help our school partners set the culture to their expectations instead of situations, interactions and attitudes (students and staff) defining the culture. Just like a winning sports team, culture is a process that starts with leadership and team deciding what culture is needed to win, and to create a plan of action to achieve success.  We can help with the plan–as well as accountability towards it.  Our goal is to pull teams out of silos using the STAR Framework-to create harmony and synergy towards school goals and objectives!

School District Convocation

The start of the year is the foundation of the rest of the year!  District and school staff, including educators, need fuel to run the race as well as strategies to create systems of student success. Darrell “Coach D” Andrews offers motivational yet strategic speeches and workshops at the beginning of the year the creates a sense of high expectations and school/district achievement. He has presented at hundreds of districts and schools in August/Sept to kick school years off with a bang!

Building Bridges-Breaking Barriers-Connecting Dreams To Education

Coach D coined the nationally acclaimed term “A student with a dream is a student with a future, however, a student with a dream is fueled by a caring adult who believes in their dreams.”  An in-depth analysis of hundreds of schools and research supports that students who have long-term goals and are able to connect academic relevance to their goals. Will excel academically more often that students who do not.  This high-energy event will provide educators with tools to help student make the academic-dream connection.

Teamwork That Makes The School’s Dreamwork!

It is hard to build systems of school-wide student Success Working in Silos.  It takes school synergy and agreement. This program helps school leaders develop effective systems of teamwork and team synergy. Educators learn strategies designed to help bring together insights and concepts for advancing the school academically and personally.

What Others Have To Say About Us.

Your involvement and contributions helped us to realize America’s New Education Promise.  We received very positive feedback from Summer Institute Participants in that it renewed a sense of enthusiasm and encouragement.  We are grateful to you for working with us to assure students have access to high quality and engaging programs. We look forward to working with you in the future”

Dr. Sylvia LylesAcademic Improvement Group-US Department of Education

“One of the greatest disadvantages of directing a convention…is that it doesn’t allow much time for me to participate.  And for that I am always disappointed.  For I do not always get to enjoy some of the “hits” of our meeting. And from all that I have been told—You were a HIT Coach D.”

Nancy RiviereDirector of Conventions-National Association of Secondary School Principals.

“Thank you so much for the informative, uplifting workshop presented to Delaware educators at our annual training.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and the teachers left feeling renewed and ready to tackle the school year with newly learned strategies and an “I can do this” attitude. One veteran teacher wrote: I felt so much more excited about starting the school year than I felt yesterday.  Coach D helped me reconfirm my passion for educating my challenged youth.”

Phyllis HandlerExecutive Director-Delaware Teacher Center