The First Annual Virtual Workforce Development Motivation Summit!

Conferences had to cancel offline due to COVID19, so we are offering you a Summit online! 

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Theme: Motivation, Innovation and New Normals In Workforce Development Delivery As A Result of The COVID19 Crisis

A Virtual Summit!
May 20, 2020
9 am to 4 pm Eastern! 

Please view our video for more information!

We are taking workforce development motivation and inspiration to the next level! The COVID19 pandemic has caused disruption of norms globally-but now is not the time for our industry to slip into obscurity; it is time to innovate, motivate, and reinvent!

Motivation and a growth mindset are necessary during the COVID19 pandemic!

The first annual Virtual Workforce Development Motivation Summit is designed to encourage workforce development professionals nationally to innovate, motivate, and reinvent the way we deliver workforce development services to clients. Our desire is to increase hope that despite the COVID19 pandemic, we will still deliver high quality and impactful services to our clients-virtually!


Motivating Attendees of the National Association of Workforce Development (NAWDP) 2019 Annual Conference.

The COVID19 Crisis taught us that being proactive is way more critical than reactive. 

 For 20 years, our company has been a global workforce development motivation leader, and we are excited to bring one of the first summits of this type to our industry. 

Companies like Blockbuster refused to consider the future.  As a result, they became obsolete! Times are changing and the best way to succeed is to be proactive--not reactive! Now is the time to innovate and motivate in Workforce Development. To consider the future as a result of radical shifts made during the COVID crisis. 

Darrell "Coach D" Andrews

Our event's goal is to begin a national conversation regarding the importance of motivation, innovation, and forward-thinking in our field.  The next time a crisis like COVID19 comes around, the workforce development industry will be ready for it!  

Register to attend our first-ever summit. We believe it is not only going to be transformative-it is going to spark new avenues of thought. 

Why Attend?

There are several reasons why workforce development leaders, staff, and community stakeholder should attend the virtual summit:

  1. The COVID19 Pandemic has proven the need to have systems in place to address times of crisis. Dr. Terri Winfree will discuss practical methods of leading through crisis and trauma during the summit.
  2. Workforce Development Motivation is needed today more than ever.  We need to be intentional as it relates to individual and organizational motivation.  Darrell "Coach D" Andrews will discuss the power of motivation and strategy to create positive new normals post-pandemic. 
  3. To be effective, we need to be focused and efficient. If this is our new normal, we need tools to help us adapt. Efficiency expert Rachel Revill will provide several strategies relating to efficiency and time management during the summit.
  4. The pandemic taught us the need for effective leadership response to the crisis. Leadership Expert Pierre Campbell will share relevant insights into fearless leadership during the crisis and beyond!
  5. Despite the Pandemic, we still have to operate based upon state and national requirements. Gavin Pantoja, state WIOA Director in New Mexico for Creative Work Solutions will share insights into compliance and a systems approach in the midst of working virtually. 
  6. One-Stop operations look a little different when everyone is working at home.  Private Industry Council leader Pat Leahey will discuss the importance of innovative one-stop leadership during a time of crisis and quarantine. 
  7. Fear can stifle the growth and development of organizations and individuals. Workforce Development Assistant Director Tom Sheridan will share strategies to overcome the fear of the unknown that limits organizational and individual progress during the pandemic. 
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Keynote At The Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association's 2019 Annual Conference!

Summit Presenters

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Pierre Campbell

  One Of The Nation's Most Sought After Leadership Experts and Author of "Simple Intelligence." President and CEO of Pierre Camp!

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Pat Leahey

Former President of The Garden State Employment And Training Association and Executive Director of Ocean County Private Industry Council in Tom's River, NJ


Rachel Revill

President and CEO of PerfectTiming Concierge and Efficiency Systems Located In Tampa, FL. A Highly Sought After Efficiency and Time Management Expert!

2020-01-29 KMP Terri Winfree-1.jpg

Dr. Terri Winfree

Former President of Prairie State College and President of Terri Winfree and Associates, LLC, Leadership Development. Coaching and Training-With An Emphasis on Crisis Management!

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Darrell "Coach D" Andrews

Coach D has been a presenter/consultant at over 2000 workforce development organizations, agencies, and conferences in the past two decades.  He is a global workforce development thought leader, innovator, motivator, and author of 8 best-selling books such as "Reinvention-The Pathway To Job Search Success," and "The Purpose Living Teen-A Teen's Guide To Living Your Dreams." 

Tim Sheridan COVID19.jpg

Timothy Sheridan

Timothy is the Assistant Director of the Hudson County One-Stop Career Center. He handles all areas and aspects of the WIOA (Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act) funds, Learning Link, Smart Steps, WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs, Job Search, and Resume Writing. He is also a certified coach!

Gavin Pantoja.png

Gavin Pantoja

Gavin is the State WIOA Coordinator for Creative Work Solutions located in New Mexico.  He has a strong knowledge of WIOA services, workforce partners, Department of Human Services, and the Department of Labor. 

Session Topics (45 min in length)

  1. The Transformative Power of Strategic Motivation During Times Of Crisis-Darrell "Coach D" Andrews, Workforce Development Motivator/Consultant
  2. Positive Leadership Of Staff and Clients During Turbulent Times-Pierre Campbell, Leadership Consultant.
  3. Creating New Routines and Habitual Efficiencies in the New Workflow-Rachel Revill, Efficiency Expert!
  4. Positioning Your Job Center Staff To Thrive In The New Normal-Patricia Leahey, Private Industry Council Executive Director. 
  5. Effective Leadership Communication, Systems, and Infrastructure-Dr. Terri Winfree, Former President of Prarie State College and Leadership Consultant.
  6. Taking It On-Addressing Fear And Creating A Mindset of Confidence-Tim Sheridan-Assistant Director of Hudson County One-Stop and Certified Coach
  7. What's Going On?-A Discussion of WIOA and How Agencies Can Advance Despite Challenges-Gavin Pantoja-New Mexico State WIOA Director, Creative Work Solutions!



  1. For individuals and organizations who can attend the event online on May 20, 2020, click on the "Virtual Live"  Registration. We are capping the Virtual Live at 200 people and offering an early bird price up to May 8th.  The cost of this method of viewing is only $99.00 per person plus event fee (Around $8.00 extra) 
  2. For individuals who cannot attend virtually the day of but would like to view the sessions online after the summit, click on the "Digital Viewing" Registration.  You can view the summit at a time that works for you after the event.  It will take 3-4 days to upload and a link will be shared within a week after registration.  The cost of this method of viewing is only $69.00 per person plus event fee (Around $8.00 extra) 
  3. For both formats, if you register as an individual-you are good to go. If you register and pay for multiple team members-we will need for you to email us their names, email addresses, and organization you work for!
  4. Also, we accept Purchase Orders. Please call us at (302) 559-4092 or email us at to discuss purchase orders and invoicing. 

If you are registering a large group of employees (10 or more), please contact the office to discuss discount pricing. Call (302) 834-1040 or email

We respect the integrity of our industry and ask that registration takes place for everyone who will participate in the sessions and that no email and passcode sharing takes place. We are a socially focused business and a portion of our proceeds go toward a worthy cause. Every dollar counts! 

We are a social-focused company and a percentage of the proceeds will go to and their efforts to help feed orphans and families impacted by COVID19 in Nairobi, Kenya. Thousands of Kenyans due to the virus have lost everything! 

Below Are Links To The Two Options! 

If your agency or organization does not allow credit card payments and only issues Purchase Orders, we do accept POs. Please email us at or call (302) 559-4092 to discuss this option. 

About The Summit Host

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Darrell "Coach D" Andrews is an internationally recognized workforce development consultant, strategist, and motivator. For the past two decades, he and his team at Darrell Andrews Enterprises have provided motivational and strategic solutions to workforce development success.   He and his staff believe that the power behind workforce development are the people in the trenches every day who are interacting with the clients (customers.) Empowering this select group to empower clients is the fuel behind the efforts of Darrell Andrews Enterprises and Associates.

Coach D is regularly invited to speak at workforce development and education conferences throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Most recently, he was the opening keynote speaker at the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) Annual Convention, The Garden State Employment and Training Association's Annual Conference, the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Conference as well as the Texas Workforce Commission’s Annual Conference on the topic of WIOA Youth Success.  He is the author of several books including, "How To Find Your Passion And Make A Living At It," "The Purpose Living Teen-A Teen's Guide To Living Your Dreams," and "Reinvention-The Pathway To Job Search Success." His story of college success, "5 Garbage Bags and a Dream," is one of the top stories in the New York Times best seller-Chicken Soup for the African-American Soul.

Darrell Andrews Enterprises and Associates is a former WIA Youth and Adult Provider. Their HYPE (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence) Program had one of the highest dropout prevention and graduation rates of all WIA providers in the USA. DAE's adult job readiness program, BASIC (Building and Sustaining Internal Change), had one of the highest job placement and retention rates of all Pennsylvania and Delaware contracted programs. Coach D connects company success to his workforce development dream-team (staff) and their ability to use innovation as a tool for transformation.  It truly takes teamwork to make the dreamwork in Workforce Development.

Most important, he has been happily married for 26 years and the proud father of 4 amazing children.