Is America Losing Its Way?


Many people talk about “our founding fathers” and the values they possessed that caused them to risk their lives to build this nation.  Certainly, they had their flaws as well, slavery being the worst.  They did however value family, friendships, character, honor and patriotism.  They honored manhood, and women were treated with respect and dignity. 200+ years later, times have changed.  Mainstream media has turned the image of women into objects of sexual desire only.  Very few networks communicate their intelligence, wisdom and contribution to mankind.  Manhood has been tucked under a rock.  Many of our boys have no idea of what a real man is anymore.  Marriage has become a joke; Hollywood is now defining this sacred connection.  We are now being forced to call our spouses “partners” or we will be called “intolerant.”  Kids use profanity anywhere and in front of anyone.  I am a big proponent of “change,” but when “change” begins to destroy the moral fabric of our society, I am dead set against it.  I say this primarily due the impact it is having on the youth of today as well as the families who are trying to hold onto traditional values.  Our youth don’t really know what to believe anymore and kids who come from good homes are being forced to conform or be ostracized by their peers and society as a whole.

I am not a doom and gloom kind of person but what I am writing is very obvious to me and many others.  America is losing its way. What would leaders in our past think of the celebrity politicians of today?  Was Lincoln using politics to try to get a get a book deal?  We tell kids to respect others while they bash each other daily on national TV just to get a vote, dig up dirt on their competition and will do anything to make their name famous.  My questions to you America are: Why have we become so weak and open to anything and everything?  Why do we focus more on pleasure than integrity?  Why are we so self-centered and arrogant?  Why the high level of disrespect for others? And lastly, what can we do to reestablish to core values of character and integrity in our nation again? More importantly, what  will happen to us if we don’t?

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