Motivating Students Of Color

Coach D Motivating Students in Gadsden County, FL

Many say that a prophet is without honor in his (or her) own home town.  I found this not to be the case in my home state recently-keeping in mind that I do not really consider myself a prophet but a caring stakeholder.  On Tuesday August 9th, 2011, I will be conducting my workshop Believing The HYPE-Keys To Motivating Students of Color for the Delaware Teacher Center in my home state of Delaware.  This event is sold out and has an extensive waiting list!  To be quite honest, I am not sure if it is the magnetic attraction of one Darrell “Coach D” Andrews :-) or teachers, school administrators and counselors in Delaware saying “I need more insight into this topic.”  I think that the latter prevails.  As far as we have come regarding improvement in the academic success rate of Hispanic and African-American Students, we still have a long way to go! With the shift from NCLB to Race To The Top, we must continue to realize that we are dealing with people, not numbers.  In order to reach people, one must know how to connect with people. Billions of dollars in failed attempts won’t change this, only frustrate it. I think the attendees of this event have spoken loudly, THIS IS STILL A CHALLENGE AND A PRIORITY FOR ME AS AN EDUCATOR.

I sincerely hope it is still a priority for your school or organization. I have made this a 15 year mission and will continue to blow the trumpet as long as I am alive.  It takes a well planned out strategy, a focus on teacher development and accountability systems, parental engagement (on-going), early childhood education and students connecting their future dreams to the importance of their current education.  A confluence of these powerful attributes will lead a school or organization down the right path.

Call the office today toll-free at 1-866 4-COACH-D (426-2243) to discuss how I or one of my colleagues can assess your specific minority student development needs and help you make make the minority student connection.  THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR IS A GREAT TIME TO LAY A  POWERFUL FOUNDATION FOR YOUR TEACHERS, STUDENTS AND PARENTS. Now is the time.  Please visit for more information about our programs.

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