The Parent As Coach – Developing A Family Dream Team!

This highly interactive workshop will help attendees establish effective strategies, as Parent Coaches™, to help their children establish daily habits that produce academic and life success.

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Family Dream Team

Darrell “Coach D” Andrews, a featured speaker at multiple National PTA Conventions and parent events nationwide, will share tried and true parenting principles, strategies and insights.  Parents and school leaders will walk away with information that can be immediately implemented in their homes and schools. In order for parents to effectively assist their children in a day and age of intense peer pressure and negative images on television and in music, parents need to be strategic–just like a coach of a sport team.

Victorious coaches have a plan of action and so should parents who expect to win!  They should also create a team of assistant coaches (Teachers, Sports Coaches, Community Leaders, etc.) that will help them to execute the family success plan.  Parent Coaches realize that they are the coach of the team and everyone else is an assistant coach. We will work together as a large “Dream Team” to make this happen for all in attendance.  COACHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRAINING! This event can be conducted as a one time training or speech, a parent retreat (weekends are best) or a keynote presentation!

HYPE (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence) Principles Training

After years of success in with our HYPE Program, we are regularly invited to speak at community-based events on the subject of “education stakeholder” synergy.  Coach D uses the power of motivation and strategic planning to help communities and schools overcome indifferences and focus on establishing systems that lead to student success. HYPE was nationally recognized for our community relationships and partnerships. Many of the techniques we have learned over the years will be shared in this high-energy training.

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