Philadelphia School District Employees-Layoffs Can Mean A New Beginning!

Over 3,000 people in the Philadelphia School District were recently given the pink slip.  A Judge did rule that the 1,500 notices that were given to teachers must be rescinded.  I cannot imagine the impact laying off this many people in a school district will have on the quality of education.  No matter what the layoff outcome, I want to say to the people who lost their jobs that life does not end at layoff.  In some cases, many people identify with their inner greatness as a result of traumas like this.  My recently deceased speaking colleague Keith Harrell often told the story of how his layoff at IBM was a blessing in disguise.  As a result of his layoff, he launched a speaking business that made him millions of dollars and more importantly, gave him a sense of career significance.

As a career and life coach I would first say to you “breathe.”  Take a moment to reflect on the possibilities you have moving forward. To much energy given to acrimony and frustration can drain you and limit your ability to pursue new pathways. Secondly I would say to you start to take an assessment of your inner passions.  What skill sets do you possess that can be turned into careers or entrepreneurial opportunities?  What organizations can you connect with to help you to move these passion forward?  Who do you know that can use their influence to help you pursue your current or a new career path? In order to achieve the outcomes you desire, you must keep your mind and body moving.  Do not sit in the seat of despair, get up and do something!  A body in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force. Keep pressing forward and create plans to achieve the career and life outcomes you want.

If you are an employee of the Philadelphia School district or if you are currently laid off from a job in another business or organization, this article is for you.  Never give up hope for as long as you are alive and well, there are always possibilities.  Use this time as a motivation for progress, not an opportunity to vent and limit your possibilities.

Question:  Do you know of a person who turned a career setback into a comeback?  How did they accomplish success in the midst of challenges?  Does the aforementioned describe you? If so, tell us your story!

Darrell “Coach D” Andrews, CSP-Speaker, Career-Life Coach, Author

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