The Purpose Living Teen Project!!

Our training company has lived by two core philosophies for 20 years: 1. A student with a dream is a student with a future and 2. A student with a dream is fueled by a caring adult who believes in their dreams. The “Purpose Living Teen Project” was created by nationally acclaimed consultant, motivator and strategist, Darrell “Coach D” Andrews. He is the author of the national best selling book, “The Purpose Living Teen-A Teen’s Guide To Living Your Dreams.”  For close to two decades, Coach D and his team of consultants and coaches have trained hundreds of thousands of youth via speaking and training programs at schools, non-profits and workforce development organizations–as well as events for parents. The Purpose Living Teen Project is designed to be community centered and youth led.

Goals Of The Project

The goal of the Purpose Living Teen Project is to train and empower 1 million teens by 2020 to become “Teens On Purpose” with the hope that by helping them find their purpose in life, they will have a major influence on their peers doing the same.  Our hope is to create a “Snow Ball” effect of purpose in youth globally. In doing so–we desire to see a decrease in dropouts, youth on drugs, bullying and other risky behavior. Our primary method of reaching youth will be via training, coaching and consulting schools, school districts, workforce development groups and organizations worldwide.  We are also in the process of developing an internet based initiative that will helps us expand our reach.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology is hands on training and developing–coupled with role model impact and when possible–coaching systems.

Training and Development

Thousands of organizations nationally have contracted our company to conduct our “Purpose Living Teen” Seminars or known by many “Passion Mapping-Connecting Dreams To Careers.” Our workshop is hands on, fun, engaging, strategic and covers a variety of topics such as:

1. Purpose Identification-The Passion Pathways!Are ways to explore affinities and passions that youth embrace–but are rarely allowed to talk about. For instance, we take the passion of sports and show youth that being a player is the not only way to make money in sports.  You can make money in sports as an agent, announcer, coach, lawyer, doctor and much more. Our research has proven that even though this is common knowledge-most youth do not know–or think about careers in sports outside of being a player. We take them on an exploration to do so.

2. Passion MappingIn this process of the training–we take youth on a fun and innovative exploration process that leads to mapping out the purposes  identified the Passion Pathways process.

3-ImplementationWe provide youth with strategies to implement what they have learned over several years. This has to be positioned as long-term, with short term objectives in order to be effective. We also provide strategy for youth to become “Teen’s of Influence” by living their purpose out loud to their peers, family and community.

4.Long-Term Systems ApproachMany of our customers desire a program approach over a one time training. Our program approach provides multiple training events, coaching and assistance with role model development over a period of one year. Students end the year with a project that is presented to parents, community and organizational stakeholders.

Role Modeling

We encourage our customers to identify as many role models as possible to come in and visit with their youth after the training–to provide real world examples. The more positive examples youth in the project see on a regular basis–the more they see the possibilities in their own lives.


Parents-We offer coaching to parents and youth who are not a part of an initiative in a school or organization. This is typically a 6-8 session experience with follow-up instructions. We only take on so many individual sessions per year and capped once we reach that goal.  Parents will be the lead in the process and we will provide the tools to help your child connect to purpose–with a plan for the future.

Organizations We offer coaching/consulting to the staff of organizations to help them succeed post workshop or in the case of long-term project, stay the course with project goals. Our coaching helps teams to put together customized systems that work for their individual organizations. We do not take a cookie cutter approach. Each program has its own feel and look.

The Book!!

Over 100,000 youth worldwide have read the book “The Purpose Living Teen-A Teen’s Guide To Living Your Dreams.” If I placed all the testimonials of how this book has changed the lives of youth worldwide–I would need 50 pages. Purposeful teens make good choices, consider their friendships and filter out noise from distractions that limit potential. You can order single copies of the book by clicking on the book image below.  For bulk orders “Over 50” call the office for better pricing at (302) 834-1040.  Give your youth a gift that will change their lives forever. Please keep in mind that the book “The Parent As Coach-Developing A Family Dream Team” is available on Amazon as well. Click on the above book image to go to that link!

Interested In A Speaking, Training Or Coaching Event?

Are you ready for a Purpose Living Teen Project, Training or Coaching for your organization or in the case of parents-children?  If so, contact us at the office (302) 834-1040 or email: You can also click on the link to our “Contact Us” page at:

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Youth Motivation Event In Rochester, NY

Passion Mapping Workshop In Las Vega, NM

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Purpose Living Teen Speech in Saginaw, MI

OVR Community and Business Event in Pittsburgh, PA

Connecting Dreams To Education Rally At My Old High School in Syracuse, NY!

Featured Youth Motivation Presentation at the National Association Of Workforce Development Professionals Conference in New Orleans, LA

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