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Almost 25,000,000 People Have Lost Their Jobs!

We are in uncharted territory. I don't think there has ever been a time in American history that 25,000,000 people have been unemployed in less than a month! The COVID19 Pandemic and Stay-At-Home Mandates have been almost unbearable for businesses, workforce development agencies, and most importantly, people.  The Trauma of losing a job so fast is causing thousands to find themselves on the brink of financial ruin. Our company for the past 15 years has worked with countless workforce development agencies, in conjunction with employers, to provide rapid response motivation after a job loss. There are a few reasons why we have been contracted to help: 

  1. Addressing Trauma-Right now many dislocated workers are experiencing unprecedented levels of trauma due to job loss. 
  2. Long Time Employees Need Guidance-Some dislocated workers need assistance in every aspect of job search and motivation. Many have no idea how to work tools such and Linkedin, write a capabilities resume, or 21st-century job interviewing. 
  3. Unemployment Offices Are Overburdened-Labor Department are not focusing on motivating dislocated workers because of the sheer amount of paperwork they are handing processing claims. We can assist overburdened offices by providing virtual rapid response motivation services. 
  4. Motivation Is A Top Priority-Dislocated workers need motivation today more than ever. COVID19 has eliminated the possibility of live motivation for now, however, virtual job search motivation can impact equally as much!

It's a recession when your neighbor loses their job, it is a depression when you lose yours!

Harry Truman!

Rapid Response Motivation Areas Of Focus

We customize all of our web-based solutions to your workforce development goals and objectives.  Our system is centered around three specific needs for rapid response.

1. Motivation-Overcoming Trauma-Dislocated workers during the pandemic are dealing with an unusual form of trauma duality. They are dealing with the trauma of losing a job, and the trauma of being quarantined. Alone, each area is too much to bear. together they are unimaginable. We inspire the clients to see that this will not last forever and encourage them to develop the will to win in their employment search goals. 

2. Job Search and Job Readiness Motivation-We train and coach job seekers on tools such as LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, and the effective use of your job center or agency resources. We also train them on the process of creating a capabilities resume (resume built on capabilities or transferable skill-sets) and an interviewing style we call "The So-What Interview." This is an interview-style that sells the employer on the benefits of hiring you.

3-Planning and Strategy-Our rapid response motivation system provide clients with planning and time management tools to help them stay focused during their job search efforts. 

We Offer Workforce Development Agencies, Contractors, and Organizations Three Options!

Customized Rapid Response Webinars Or Videos

Our company creates a customized webinar or video for your organization (in partnership with your trainers or administrators) designed to inspire dislocated clients towards employment success.  We design a rapid response webinar with your logo, image, and expectations. It is as though we were an employee of your agency or organization. The webinars or videos are motivational and inspirational, yet full of specific information designed to help the job seeker achieve success. Webinars can be one, two or three hours time based upon your organization's specific needs. 

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Job Search and Motivation Training in Lubbock, TX

Customized Rapid Response Individual or Group Coaching

We schedule a one time, weekly or by-weekly rapid response motivation session with an individual or group of dislocated workers. During the session, we discuss some of the aforementioned topics and for the long-term coachees and hold them accountable to the expectations of job search goals. Most importantly, we help them overcome the trauma of their situation. 

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DC Employment Services "All-Staff" Training

Reinvention-The Pathway To Job Search Success Webinar!

This highly successful training can be conducted as a one, two, or three-hour webinar for dislocated workers with the goal of helping them reinvent themselves in their quest for new employment. This session will take the attendees on an introspective journey designed to reveal career interest and passion they may have never considered. Although this event is web-based, it is highly interactive and requires the job seeker to have an open mind regarding new pathways that may emerge via motivation and analysis. 

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Discussing The Importance of "Change" With Leaders in Delaware!

Unemployment Claims Staff Motivational Webinar!

One group of unsung heroes in the pandemic are the thousands of people who work for unemployment offices all over the USA (And abroad.) The sheer number of claims to be processed is much more than anyone could bear. Our firm is aware of the need for motivation for this group, so we can create a customized motivational webinar or video for your organization-or a series of events, designed to inspire overworked unemployment workers. We suggest with each video or webinar, an inspirational word from the agency leader just to keep the staff on course--despite the stress of the pandemic. 

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