School Bullying Has Got To Stop! Parents Step In !

I have personally visited hundreds of schools in my career as a speaker and trainer.  The subject of Bullying is slowly becoming one of my major concerns because I can see the hurt in many kids eyes as I present at their schools.  My presentations give them a glimmer of hope, but this is just a foundation. In the past several years I have been able to personally stop several kids from committing suicide.  Parents, you need to talk to your kids about bullying. If they are a bully, you need to let them know the rules have changed, and as we see, kids are going over the edge to get revenge. If your kids are being bullied, you should know and do something about it. Don’t allow you child to live a daily hell as a result of kids who lack values. This is a plea, not a comment.  What happened in Ohio (I spoke at a school not to far away from there yesterday) should be our last wake up call. School is for learning, not harassing. If you child is a bully or being bullied, make it a top priority to help them!!!!

I understand bullying all to well because I was harassed as a child because of my weight. I was also teased because of the clothes I would wear from time to time due to poverty.  I hated many of the kids who made negative comments and despised seeing them. Occasionally some of my family members joined in.  I can tell you first hand, it was painful.

If your child is a bully:

  • Focus on reestablishing family vales of respect and honor.  Help them understand that they represent your family when they go to school.
  • Get other family members involved.  Ask for their help in helping the child see the wrong in what they are doing.
  • Get psychological help if this is depression or self-esteem related.
  • Partner with the school to monitor their behavior.

If your child is bullied:

  • Tell them that you are not “weak” for telling on the person who is causing the harm.
  • Let them know that you support them and will back them in fixing this.
  • Set up a meeting at school with the parents of the harassing child.  Discuss what is going on and how it effects your child.
  • Ask the school to monitor the situation.

WE HAVE TO STOP THIS MADNESS!! Every parent who has a child in a school should make it a top priority to communicate anti-bullying to their children.  Don’t assume that your child is not a bully or being bullied.  Children are good at hiding things from their parents.  Parents if you choose to do nothing, you are a part of the problem, not the solution.  We need your help!




If your child is bull

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