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Equity from our companies perspective is defined as,  "Creating equal access, respect and opportunity for black and brown people." Our Virtual Equity Motivation Training and Consulting is designed to take employees on a journey that moves the concept of equity from their heads to their hearts! Billions of dollars have been spent on unsuccessful initiatives because the only focus was having an initiative-not dealing with biases all people possess due to their life circumstances. Our equity motto is, "Equity is not a head issue; it is a heart issue." Moving equity from the head to the heart takes exposing interpersonal biases that people may unknowingly have and helping them to realize the impact of the bias on people of color.

We live in a day where we can no longer ignore the need to focus on systems to engage, support, and understand African American Communities. Many times, biases we have lived with for years prevent this from happening. Situations like what happened to Starbucks or, most recently, the George Floyd incident points out that one person doing something that is perceived as racist can stereotype an organization or industry.

Being proactive and putting systems in place to educate and motivate people to embrace a new mindset towards people of color can benefit your leaders, staff, customers, clients, or in the case of schools, students, and educators.

Equity 3M Framework

Our virtual training and consulting, focusing on three critical areas of eliminating or shifting biases in individuals. We call it the Equity 3M Framework!

M1-Mindset (Biases) - We help people go on a journey of historical perspectives of race relationships that have consciously or unconsciously impacted how they view people of color. In our work, we have found that this is the epicenter of racial biases that some people are unaware of. Our consulting, coaching, and training help people analyze their mindset and develop a growth mindset relating to race that leads to a new understanding of how their words, actions, and deeds can impact someone within the black and brown communities. Many who struggle with this have lived in communities where this type of thinking and perspective is considered normal. We will help them to see the wrongs in this way of thinking.
M2-Motivation -One of the challenges with most diversity issues is it only focuses on training and posters—sort of a check off the box focus. Our system is designed to motivate people to understand "why" they need to make this shift. We will provide instruction on the historical journey of black and brown people and the significant contributions by many when given a chance. We will also discuss the organizational benefit to all stakeholders when people are perceived as equals in our nation's growth and prosperity.
M3-Memorization - One of the most significant challenges of most diversity and inclusion initiatives is the lack of follow-through. Companies, workforce development agencies, schools, and districts rarely weave in long-term success strategies via continuous education via webinars, coaching, and videos. We work with our organizations to do monthly quick-hit videos, webinars, staff and leader interviews, etc.,  to keep equity motivation on the mind of all involved. On-going education and employee interaction are critical to establishing a culture of equity motivation.

The goal is to establish a culture where equity motivation is a part of the culture. HR and other key leaders must be involved. This is essential so that current staff and new, are well aware of the need to embrace the company culture relating to equity!

Our "Journey" Process

We initially meet with company or organization leaders (and key staff) to discuss where they are, what has been done, successes, failures, etc. We also want to understand what are the organizational goals. It is essential to make sure we are on the same page and committed to the same goals and objectives. Our firm's value proposition is we are not looking for just another opportunity to speak on this subject; we want to see hearts changed. We take our customers on an equity "Journey," for most Diversity Programs never work! This takes more than posters on a wall, it takes commitment from all involved! 

Our "Equity Journey" Offerings

We offer the following three ways of working with your organization.

1. Virtual Equity Motivation One-Time Training - We focus on equity motivation and helping staff and leaders go through a reflective process of analyzing biases, mindsets, and perceptions. We provide the tools to rethink and reframe old ways of thinking relating to interactions with people of color, particularly African-Americans.

2. Virtual Equity Motivation Think-Tank Session - This is a one-to-two-day session with leaders and key staff to further analyze those mentioned above. Many organizations contract to conduct a one day think-tank-followed up with a one day staff and leader training.

3. Virtual Equity Motivation Journeys (On-Going) - We provide quarterly conversations, monthly videos, development of an organizational equity task force, leadership interviews (with your leaders) on localized equity best practice, etc. This is a comprehensive plan designed for organizations looking to engage the 3M's of Equity Motivation on a grander scale. Again, we focus on a "Journey" for this is the only way to reach the hearts of people.

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