Educating youth in this generation is more challenging than times past. Students today are exposed to social media, television and music stimulus that are  shaping the way they interact educators, their peers and adults in general. Schools need to be savvy and strategic as it related to engaging a generation in the age of information.

Darrell Andrews Enterprises and Associated programs are customized with this in mind. We help our education customers not only think outside the box, but to “blow the box up!”  Creativity and growth mindset is needed to inspire this generation of learners. We can help your education organization address via two specific service areas.


Speaking At The Nation’s Largest PLC Conference


Our events are high energy and customized to fit your specific needs. Our company has conducted over 2500 speaking and training programs worldwide!  Our programs typically address the soft-skills aspects of education-many which are often taken for granted. Listed below are a few areas in which Coach D and his experts can use the power of motivation and strategy to help your school or organization achieve student, staff or parent success.   All of our speeches go through a pre-event process to assure we are meeting your specific needs.

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Motivating Students On Academic Success In Sarasota, FL


Coach D your keynote speech “Connecting, Solving, Succeeding-Developing The Passion To Close The Gap” was a hit at our Annual Convention. Thank you for contributing to our success.

Nancy Reviere-Director of Convention and Recognition Programs | National Association of Secondary School Principals

Most Popular Educator and Administrator Speeches/Trainings

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - Slowly becoming one of the most discussed topics in education. Our team has spent years teaching on the subject and can inspire your teachers to embrace SEL if it is new to your school or district

Student Connectedness And Personalization - Motivational Strategies to help school stakeholders connect with students from all backgrounds of life.

Creating A Culture Of Success - Motivation insights coupled with national best practices to address school culture and how to create climates that impact student and staff success.

Teamwork That Makes The School’s Dreamwork - Schools are often so busy working on individual instructional excellence that working together collectively to impact the school is lost.  We will motivate your school/district team to see the power of working together towards a common mission and core values. A synergized school becomes a highly effective school.



“We’d like to formally thank you for the exception, fun and interactive “Connecting Dreams To College” workshop you did for the NMHU/RNNM GEAR UP Students in Las Vega, New Mexico. It was much more than expected and we believe all of our students walked away with a renewed determination to complete high school and attend college.”

Dr. William Taylor | GEAR-UP Director| New Mexico Highland University

Most Popular Student Assemblies/Trainings

Connecting Dreams To Education - Students learn via high energy interactions, affirmations and best examples--the power of education to achieve their future dreams.

The Power Of STEM and Manufacturing Careers! - Many students in schools nationally are unaware of the power of careers in STEM and Manufacturing.  This high powered event exposes them to the vast opportunities in both categories and why they should consider future careers in them.

Your Attitude Determines Your Life! - We teach students the long term effects of attitude, good or bad. We use stories and analogies to highlight the failure of people with bad attitudes, and the benefits of those who have good ones.

The Power of A Growth Mindset - Taken from Dr. Carol Dweck’s book on mindset, we help students to see the power of growth mindset to achieve academic and life success.

Be Your Best For The Test! - Motivation for taking the standardized test. Students need to be taught why test taking is important to future goals.

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Meeting Maria From “Sesame Street” During Our Keynote Speeches for the National PTA


Our company specializes in two specific areas of school-based consulting. Projects range from a month to two years or more based upon need. Contact us to discuss a possible consulting if we can be of assistance.

Creating A Culture of School Success

Schools can be overwhelmed with chaos throughout the year due to sheer number of responsibilities that take place every day.  Core Values of effective communications, respect and integrity between staff members can be a challenge when everyone is running their own race. Our consulting is designed to bring unity and harmony in school staff, with the goal of enhancing school culture.  We provide insights and strategies coupled with accountability measures that cover a myriad of subjects such as teamwork, core values clarification, student connectedness and personalization, social emotional learning and the like. Coupled with monthly coaching, we help you and you school to focus on culture in the midst of chaotic and fast-paced days.

Student Connectedness Coaching

Relationships are the currency of the 21st century!  Building relationships with a generation of youth that are being exposed to a variety of distractions takes creativity and innovation.  Our student connectedness coaching system is a tool being used by many schools and school districts to create on-going awareness of the need to keep student relationship building on the mind of all school stakeholders!  We create connections initiatives, student success teams and on-going PD to assure educators and school employees are keeping student connectedness a top priority.

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