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The Business Of Speaking Coaching

Are you looking to become a speaker or trainer?  Coach D's coaching shares the several critical components to turning your speaking gift into a speaking career. Darrell "Coach D" Andrews has presented on over 3000 stages worldwide and has been in the speaking and coaching business full-time for close to 20 years!  This coaching is for serious applicants only! Anyone telling you speaking is a quick success proposition is lying to you. It takes discipline focus and understanding how to best position your expertise for success in the marketplace.

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Career Success or Reinvention Coaching

One of the keys to my close to two decades of small business success is the ability to focus on the task at hand.  Many small businesses fail due to their inability to prioritize. Running a business is totally different than working for one. It can be overwhelming if you don’t develop a daily plan of action. Our small business coaching sessions will help business owners stay committed to a daily or weekly plan of action.  Coach D’s no-nonsense style of coaching will help even the greatest procrastinator stay focused on completing their business objectives. This program works best when a longer-term coaching contract is in place.  One- time sessions can start the process; however, a longer coaching commitment will help you to advance your business.

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Carreer success coaching in Texas

Business Success Strategy Coaching

For people looking to advance their careers or in some cases, completely change their careers—we can help. Our coaching is designed to help you analyze multiple transferable skills you possess that can help to advance your career—or pursue a new career pathway.  This coaching is most successful for people who have had success in their careers-but looking to advance or reinvent. Our insights and accountability coaching will be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals.

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Business Success Coaching

Coaching Options

We offer our clients 3 options:

Option 1 - Single General Session-This session will help you lay a general foundation in the pursuit of your goal.  We will spend one hour analyzing effective strategies.

Option 2 - Starter Coaching-Phone, SKYPE or live Coaching Sessions for a two-month period are designed to help the you lay out a general plan of action for the achievement of your goal. We will help our client establish a clear vision and mission as well as define effective pursuit strategies.

Option 3 - Accountability Coaching-Clients will be held accountable to their goal plans on a bi-weekly basis for six months or more.  Accountability is critical to goal success. Significant communications will take place between sessions via on-line tools.

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