Teamwork And Core Values

“It takes teamwork to make the dreamwork”
Darrell “Coach D” Andrews
1992 (One of the originators of this quote)

The most important areas of organizational development today is staff teamwork. In a world increasingly influenced by social media, the way the team works together sets the tone for the way people perceive your operations. One negative person can destroy the image of your company or organization—in the day of pictures, videos—etc. A synergized and collaborative team helps to shape a healthy organizational culture—that leads to your company of organization being seen in a positive light. Our teamwork training systems are designed to help your team create a core values driven operation. Be it a one-time professional development, on-going teamwork consulting or a teamwork retreat, our company can assist in helping you achieve amazing outcomes! Our founder Darrell “Coach D” Andrews was once a professional football prospect, understands from a personal level the power of teamwork to help the team (organization) win. Darrell Andrews Enterprises and Associates are here to help you in this quest!

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“Teamwork That Makes The Dreamwork” Training at SHRM National

Mindset & Culture

One of our unique selling propositions is we analyze your team’s mindset and your organization’s culture prior to working with you. We are well aware that we are not a great fit for all organizations and first desire to see if what we are offering Is a good match for you. Mindset and culture are important in this match for there needs to be a willingness to grow in this area. It takes work on our part and our customers, so it is important that this is not simply an awareness initiative, it is something that the mindset of the staff as well as the culture of the organization is ready to take on.


Verizon CITE “Team Rally” For National Leaders


If you were not motivated by that speech, you need to leave this place and go immediately to the emergency room! What a great speech for our Senior Executives and Associates.”
Mike Duke | President and CEO | Wal-Mart Corporation

Service Offerings

We offer customers the following services for organizational teamwork:

Teamwork That Makes The Dreamwork Workshop-Full or Half Day Workshop

This high energy workshop analyzes effective teamwork at your organization looking at all the major aspects of teamwork The workshop is designed to be fun and creative, so we encourage the staff to come to the event in their favorite sports team jersey. During this session we lay a foundation the encompasses core values, team synergy, understanding personality styles and measuring personality styles. Your team will walk away with a strategy and points of measurement that leads to an effective team.

The Power of Core Values-Full or Half Day Workshop-Full or Half Day

Core values are the driving force behind organizational success. Our training in this area is designed to help your organization further clarify and or position your core values for effective daily operations. For many organizations, core values have to be redone and clarified so our session in this scenario is designed to help your create or recreate your core values coupled with implementation strategies.

Retreats (Core Values, Teamwork or Both)

For organizations that want to take a deep dive and spend a few days working in a strategy, we suggest taking the team offsite to analyze in depth teambuilding and core values integration. We host the retreats (Typically two days) and add a few fun activities beyond the training room to encourage synergy and collaboration. We suggest the event take place at a fun location in your local area or state.

Consulting (Year Long-Quarterly Trainings and Monthly Coaching)

For organizations that desire a long-term approach with accountability measures, we suggest our teamwork and core values consulting framework. Our framework encompasses four key areas of team development. Core values, team synergy, staff relationships and organizational culture.  We do an upfront detailed analysis to help the team prepare for the work of building a winning team over the next year.

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Meeting Basketball Legend “Bill Russell” At A Conference in NYC


Your presentation to our senior managers and directors “Teamwork That Makes The Dreamwork” right after our merger superseded my expectations by expectations by leaps and bounds. Thank you for an awesome speech.

Julie Holan | Director of Marketing Communications | First Data International

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