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For close to 20 years. Darrell “Coach D” Andrews and his Associates have been leaders in motivation-based workforce development success consulting, speaking and training.  We fuse motivation with real-world strategies by using strategic frameworks to help our customers create organizational workforce development success systems. Be it client, staff, employer or community development—we partner with you to help your agency or organization increase the energy and passion it needs to enhance workforce development staff and client achievement.  Our founder, Darrell “Coach D” Andrews has been invited to provide insights as a keynote speaker at hundreds of workforce development conferences nationally. He has been a keynote speaker at both NAWDP National and the NAWDP Youth Conference.

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Speaking At State-Wide WIOA Youth Conference in Oklahoma


Darrell Andrews Enterprises operated one of the most efficient and successful workforce development operations in our state. He and his staff consistently exceeded the goals of our state workforce development goals for contractors!
Thomas Smith-Former Director of Labor-Delaware Department of Labor

Workforce Development Success Framework For Adult Clients (TANF, Dislocated, GED)

Areas of Empowerment Consulting!

  • Staff core values and teambuilding integration
  • Analysis of organizational culture and its impact on client recruitment and retention
  • Insights into helping clients overcome barriers to success
  • The importance of coaching clients vs. case management
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Job Readiness Motivation for TANF Clients in Lubbock, TX

Workforce Development Success Framework For WIOA Youth (In and Out Of School)

Areas of Empowerment Consulting!

  • Analysis of WIOA youth barriers and internal limitations. Addressing generational challenges.
  • Tools to empower staff to engage and empower youth. Develop systems to enhance youth recruitment and retention via staff core values and teamwork.
  • Addressing the service areas of entrepreneur training, leadership, job readiness, and post-secondary transition.

Youth motivation is more than energy alone. Our company will help you develop a powerful strategic plan of action!

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Manufacturing/STEM Jobs Forum For Youth In Texas


Our conference was one of the most successful in recent years. Your keynote speech and workshops were well received by our attendees.
Linda Blake-Executive Director-Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association

Most Popular Workforce Development Speeches and Trainings

Thousands of workforce development and government organizations have contracted Darrell “Coach D” Andrews and his associates to conduct high powered speaking and training programs.  We offer:

  • Workforce Development Leadership Training and Coaching
  • Staff Motivation Speaking and Training Events
  • Workforce Development Teamwork and Core Values
  • Client Job Readiness and Motivation Workshops and Training
  • Client and Staff Boot Camps/Retreats (2-3 Day Training Events)
  • WIOA Youth Success Systems (In and Out Of School)
  • Innovative Employer Connection Tools
  • OVR Leadership and Staff Empowerment
  • Client Entrepreneur Training

Our high-powered events are often booked for:

  • Staff Events/Training/PD
  • Conferences-Regional or National
  • Client Job Readiness Motivation (Adults and Youth)
  • Community Events

Contact us to discuss how we can help your workforce development organization.

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Workforce Development Teamwork Training for Arizona@Work


During the past year, Southwest Kansas Works Youth staff had the opportunity to work with Darrell Andrews Enterprises and Coach D. Their emphasis on core values and teamwork has strengthened our team and helped us to better serve our customers!

Melissa Johnson-Youth Program Manager, SW KansasWorks

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