Teachers have 3 loves.  Love of learning, love of learners and the love to bring the first two together!


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Over the past decade or so, has time in our school dealing with discipline issues increased?
  • Are your students disrespecting adults and peers in the school by communicating in a combative manner?
  • Are classrooms able to be managed in an orderly fashion using rubrics and other expectations–or do we spend copious time dealing with student discipline issues?

Countless schools all over the nation are telling us that they are struggling to make connections with this generation. Some of the challenges include but not limited to:

1. Disrespect-students disrespect and speak to adults and peers in a negative way.

2. Defiance-students openly refuse to listen to adults and follow direction.

3. Bullying-students consistently intimidate one another, often to make themselves feel better.

4. Aggression-students become physically or verbally violent

As a result undo stress of dealing with this, frustration and challenges prevail with educators.  We believe the best plan to overcome this challenge is a long-term solution that incorporates accountability measures. Coaching is a system that can help provide motivation, strategy and accountability to overcome the challenges of student disconnect.

Schools and districts realize the power of coaching. You have career coaches for students, teacher coaches for teachers, behavioral coaches for students and much more.  Our company created the concept of “Student Relationship Building Coaches” as a result of seeing many schools nationally deal with barriers to student connectedness and personalization. We know this has nothing to do with the desire to do so, it just becomes a challenge when so many other pressing issues are taking priority.

Our Process

Our primary goal is to work with schools to create a “Student Relationship Building” Coaching System that leads to improved student relationships. Our Coach will meet with school leaders to discuss customizing the program to the individual needs of the school we are serving.  Our initial point of entry is a training program where all staff are instructed on best practices for student relationship building. After the training, we provide monthly coaching and follow-up assignments with selected educators (In a group setting or PLC) using our 4 pillars of student connectedness and personalization. We call our pillars, Student STAR!

1. Synergy-How do we work together as a team to achieve the goal of enhanced student relations?

2-Transparency-How to be honest yet respectful in your challenges with bad behavior. What is working and what is not? Real world conversations (Instead of hiding the truth.)

3-Accountability-Being held accountable to the process of connecting to students over time. Positive experiences on a consistent basis–are a byproduct of process over time.

4-Reframing-How to reframe student interactions to see them from a different perspective.

Coaching Systems

We offer our customers two specific coaching possibilities:

  1. Face-To-Face Coaching-Darrell Andrews Enterprises Coach working with an individual educator or PLC group to establish systems of accountability towards student relationship success.
  2. Virtual-(Less Cost)-Darrell Andrews Enterprises Coach working with an individual educator or PLC group to establish systems of accountability towards student relationship success via Skype or Simulcast.


Please feel free to contact our office to discuss this special service. We can be reached by phone at (302) 834-1040 or via email info@coachdspeaks.com. You can also fill out our interest form at https://coachdspeaks.com/book-coach-d/

We look forward to helping you in this critical area of educator/student connectedness and personalization.