Contract Darrell Coach D Andrews, The Workforce Development Motivator, to provide motivational training, strategy think tanks and consulting sessions for your workforce adults, youth and staff! He and his team of experts are ready to become your partner in Workforce Development Motivation!

Coach D speaking at NAWDP 2017!

Turning Passion Into Careers Workshop

Coach D conducting his “Reinvention-The Key To Job Success” Workshop for TANF and rapid response workers at Workforce Solutions in Lubbock, TX

Youth Participating in a Passion Mapping Workshop in New Mexico!

Job Centers, Workforce Development Organizations and OVR’s (Office Of Vocational Rehabilitation) nationally are working diligently to help WIOA Youth, dislocated, rapid response and many other job seekers overcome barriers to meaningful employment in the 21st Century.  WIOA, in particular the increased emphasis on Out-Of-School Youth has changed the way we recruit, retain and interact with our clients so establishing systems of success is paramount.. Our training and consulting programs are designed to help job seekers (Adult and Youth) increase success rates, as well as helping workforce development staff improve their ability to assist their clients.  Our two workforce development frameworks helps our customers move into a new level of personal and organizational success. Our HYPE (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence) and BASIC (Building and Sustaining Internal Change) Models rely on our HAPP Framework (Habits, Attitudes, Perceptions and Paradigms.)   We see these 4 character traits as critical to staff and client success. HAPP is woven into all of our listed consulting and training services.

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Consider Purchasing Bulk Copies Of Our Book “Reinvention-The Pathway To Job Search Success” For Your Job Seeking Clients. Call Our Office Today To Discuss! 302.834.1040

Consulting And Workshops

Contracted Job Readiness Workshops

Contract Darrell “Coach D” Andrews to conduct a series of high energy yet focused “barrier breaking” job readiness workshops for your organization or agency. For many of our customers we act as a sub-contractor and offer training programs multiple times within a month or calendar year. We customize our training events to the need of each customer we serve. Contact our office to explore how we can serve your current or future contract as a high energy Job Readiness trainer for your organization or agency.

Team Synergy and Core Values Development!

“Building A Successful Workforce Development Dream Team” is a combination of on-going motivation and roll-up your sleeves analysis of organizational core values and team synergy. Via training, retreats or long term consulting projects, we help workforce development organizations (Youth and Adult) analyze and develop systems of core values and team synergy. It is imperative today to create systems of staff synergy driven by core values to create a “one voice” mode of communicating to internal and external customers. The key to success is the on-going accountability systems that are put in place and measured over time. With all the policy changes in WIOA, systems of team success are necessary for on-going achievement. We can help!

The Passion Mapping Seminar™-Connecting Dreams To Careers Workshops

Our HYPE  (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence) WIA (Workforce Investment Act) was successful due to our ability to help our youth identify passion that can be connected to future careers and their current education.   Thousands of youth in WIA Programs, School Districts, OVR’s and Youth Organizations have taken part in this highly motivational event.  Students will learn the process of developing a strategy for connecting their dreams to education and careers.  This workshop will be life changing for the youth in your programs.

Success In The Workplace Employment Motivation Training

This program in designed to help TANF, EARN, OVR and Dislocated Workers and Job Seekers increase their interpersonal motivation to succeed in the workplace. We are contracted to conduct a week long series of workshops for clients of workforce agencies at their location. We become your partner in client motivation and provide workshops that focus on job readiness skills, with the goal of empowering attendees to take ownership of their job search, career pathways and future goals. This series of workshops helps clients to break through barriers to employment.

WIOA Out-Of-School Youth Motivation Staff Training And Consulting

WIOA is not WIA!  The increased interest in out-of-school youth with barriers is making it increasingly more difficult to establish successful endeavors. As a former WIA provider, my organization had a very high percentage of out-of-school youth with barriers however we achieved high levels of success. Also, the increase in age served to 24 means a new set of skills need to be established by current workforce development youth staff. Invite Darrell “Coach D” Andrews or one of his associates to help your organization create systems of success for WIOA Out-Of School Youth. We will start with a series of training that leads to area specific of recruitment and retention and best ways to create community support for your grant. Most importantly, we will help motivate the staff to believe “It can be done.” The policy changes does not mean that achievement of goals is not possible. A well thought out accountability based plan can make it happen.