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About Darrell Andrews Enterprises And Associates

Darrell Andrews, LLC, and Associates is an innovative professional development, consulting, and motivation firm focusing on helping our customers via out-of-the-box Self-Care, Teambuilding, Post-Pandemic Leadership, and Diversity Coaching programs. Our unique and creative approaches to helping organizations and corporations “Integrate” our techniques into their cultures have caused a global demand for our services.

We offer live and virtual training and Coaching.   As many of you know, we are also contracted to conduct motivational keynote speeches and presentations in our areas of expertise. Coach D has keynoted at over 400  conferences worldwide. 

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Virtual or Live Services-They Both Work! 

Right now, everyone is trying to figure out how to navigate a new style of working and learning. Virtual Communications was thrust upon us without warning. Many have been able to adjust while others have struggled to communicate virtually online. We now offer a tool to assist online communicators in this new virtual world! Keeping leaders and staff motivated in this new virtual world they are living in, is critical to success. All of our virtual options can be conducted as a one-time event or long-term consulting project! We also conduct live events as well, however, we find many have embraced virtual as an option, due to our interactive and fun virtual styles. 

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