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During the COVID19 Pandemic, everyone was looking for solutions. The pandemic has been one of the toughest challenges any of us have experienced in modern history. With this in mind, we are now entirely focused on being a motivational and professional development provider for our Workforce Development, OVR, and Labor customers. Keeping leaders, staff and cleints motivated post-pandemic is critical to success. 

  • Empowering Self-Care In Workforce Development-This is our #1 training offering. We have individual training programs or offer long-term solutions. Many of your peers are currently contracting us to conduct once-per-month training and coaching systems, primarily virtual. to empower workforce development staff.  Clients are dealing with Trauma, and so are staff. We can help to create a system of wellness for your organization. 
  • Teamwork That Makes The Workforce Development Dreamwork- This high-powered workshop, or series of workshops, is designed to establish post-pandemic teamwork in workforce development circles. We are a global leader in workforce development teambuilding systems, whether live or virtual.
  • Diversity in Workforce Development- We work with workforce development agencies and organizations to address diversity challenges. We focus on the topic of "Diversity Motivation" with the goal of walking people through equity journeys that lead to a better understanding of implicit biases people may be unaware of that can create a perception of racism. Diversity Motivation is not a program, it is a journey.  People need to have conversations in order to embrace new mindsets and understandings. We are a national leader in this mode of staff and the leader motivation. 
  • Dislocated Worker Motivation-Innovative motivational job readiness systems to empower dislocated employees-while overburdened labor departments focus on all the paperwork needed to help the client. Clients need job readiness assistance and motivation.  We can help! Click here for more information on our full program.
  • Post-Pandemic Leadership-This training is designed to help workforce development leaders understand and embrace post-pandemic leadership. Leadership prior to the pandemic is different than leadership post-pandemic. We can help!
  • Motivating Clients Virtually with staff who are confused about using tools such as Zoom or SKYPE to engage with clients or each other. We have been thrust into a world of technology that is foreign to staff.  DAE offers training and coaching for staff who are struggling with technology. We will also train on the best ways for staff to engage clients using social media and other web tools.  

Virtual or Live Client (Youth and Adult) Empowerment and Job Readiness Sessions

We can assist live or virtually to help inspire your clients via: 

  • The Reinvention Process! A virtual process designed to help dislocated job seekers make the connection to reinventing themselves-with the goal of increasing job success possibilities. 
  • Even though much of the information is for individuals seeking personal coaching, we can customize the process for workforce development organizations and their clients.
  • Customized virtual job readiness workshops.  One-time events or a series focusing on job search, interviewing soft-skills, and much more.
  • Virtual reinvention events helping clients reinvent their careers. 
  • Addressing a few of the 14 WIOA Youth elements such as entrepreneur training, leadership, job readiness, and post-secondary transition virtually for WIOA Youth. (Coach D and Pierre Campbell) 
  • Virtual Passion Mapping-Connecting Dreams To Careers workshops for youth.
  • Virtual Soft Skills Development For Youth!
  • Virtual Time Management Training and Coaching (Rachel Revill) 

Motivating clients is critical to success during this COVID19 crisis.

Other Ways We Can Assist

Thousands of workforce development, OVR's, and government organizations have contracted Darrell “Coach D” Andrews and his associates to conduct high-powered speaking, consulting, and training programs.  As a virtual or live solutions provider, we also offer: 

  • Innovation Think Tanks During The COVID19 Pandemic
  • Workforce Development Teamwork and Core Values 
  • Motivational Interviewing Systems
  • WIOA Youth Success Systems (In and Out Of School)
  • Innovative Employer Connection Tools
  • Creative Leadership During Time Of Crisis.
  • Client Entrepreneur Training

 Our high-powered sessions are often booked for:

  • Organizations Going Through Rapid Transition Due To COVID19.
  • Organizations Looking To Try Innovative Ideas.
  • Staff or Client Motivation and Accountability.
  • Think-Tank Systems That Lead To Change

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