Staff And Leader Training and Coaching! We Are The National "Go To" For Workforce Development Motivation!

We are the go-to choice for agencies, contractors, and organizations. We offer elite training and coaching fashioned for your needs. Here are a few ways we can help!

Speaking-Invite us to conduct a one time speaking or training event for your organization. We conduct countless events live and virtual annually. 

Training- One time or monthly or bi-monthly sessions, either live or virtual. You choose the duration, although they typically last one to three hours. We tailor our sessions to suit your schedule.

Coaching- We take topics and break them into a coaching series. These sessions are one hour per month and are designed to achieve mastery of the covered topics.

Combined- Many organizations blend training and coaching, opting for 30-minute to one-hour coaching sessions for teams and smaller groups. Benefit from virtual sessions up to 25 days post-training, ensuring lasting learning and accountability.

Self-Paced Course Creation (Or Video)

We create a customized video with your logo-etc., on one or more of the topics. Only for use at your organization, not to be used outside of it. 

A Few of Our Staff Speaking, Training and Coaching Topics:

Empowering Self-Care In Workforce Development: Our top offering, with options for individual training or long-term solutions, is primarily conducted virtually to empower workforce development staff towards wellness. This is a major area of focus in the industry today.

Teamwork That Makes The Workforce Development Dreamwork: A high-powered virtual or live workshop mapped to foster post-pandemic collaboration in workforce development circles. Many of our customers go on a year or so long journey of teambuilding. 

Emotional Intelligence: We follow Dr. Daniel Goleman's model to train professionals in self-regulation through emotional quotient, enhancing their impact on clients. It is difficult for staff to motivate clients if emotions are not in check. This session will help. 

Motivational Coaching and Interviewing: This model of client development, replacing older case-management methods, teaches professionals to engage clients using Dr. William Rollnick's powerful Open questions, Affirmations, Reflective listening, and Summary reflections (OARS) method. 

Post-Pandemic Leadership: Developed to help workforce development leaders adapt to post-pandemic leadership dynamics, recognizing the differences from the pre-pandemic era. Strategies to increase recruitment and retention via effective leadership. 

Motivating TANF Clients: This session stresses techniques to empower and engage TANF, SNAP, and WIOA clients, drawing from our extensive experience.

Workforce Development Success Framework: A series of sessions, covering various topics, including Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Core Values, and more. Most sessions last between 50 minutes and one hour.

NAWDP 2023-11-Framework.jpeg

NAWDP Supersession! 

Denver 2.png

Virtual Teambuilding Series!

Success In The Workplace Series For Adult Clients

SITW- Success In The Workplace, offers unparalleled job readiness motivation training. Whether it is a one-time, weekly, or monthly series, we invigorate your job seekers with motivation and drive. 

We become an integral part of your team.

Explore our job-readiness motivation topics:

The Reinvention Process: The Pathway to Job Search Success
The "So-What" Interview: Mastering the Art of Impactful Conversations
Power Networking for Job Success: Forge Connections That Matter
Job Success Habits: Cultivating a Winning Work Ethic
21st Century Job Search Success: Thrive in the Modern Employment Landscape
Soft Skills Motivation: Nurturing the Skills That Set You Apart
Vision Boards: Harness the Power of Employment Vision
Workplace Motivation: Fostering Passion and Productivity
Overcoming Job Success Barriers: Breaking Down Obstacles to Victory
The Capabilities Resume: The Key to Impressing Employers

We are invited to conduct a series of monthly virtual trainings-or one time events for clients nationally. For more infomation reach out to us here.

Motivating clients is critical to success post-pandemic!

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Hands-on Live Event!

Connecting Dreams To Careers/Passion Mapping!

Youth Pic Interview-Tulsa.jpg

Soft-Skills OSY Event in Tulsa!

Motivating WIOA out-of school, and in-school youth can be a challenge!

We have mastered the art! 

Our youth workforce development programs are designed to empower WIOA in-and-out of-school youth on-site, or virtually.  Most of your peers contract us to work with your youth virtually.  We offer the following:

Connecting Dreams To Careers!

A powerful one time workshop-or series designed to empower OSY to make the connection to their future career and life goals. Many are dealing with personal challenges post-pandemic, so we realize the great need to make motivational relational connections upfront, to inspire the best out of our youth. 

We can help inspire your youth!

We address:

  • Soft-Skills
  • Work-Ethic
  • Life-Skills
  • The Power of A Postive Attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Much More!

We offer:

  • One Time Live or Virtual Training (Live costs more!) 
  • Virtual Series
  • Retainer for On-Going Interactions Throughout The Year
  • Designing An On-Line Course For Your Organization (Customized) 
  • Self-Paced Courses on Thinkific. (Test, Modules, etc.)

Let's discuss the best option for you!  (302) 559-4092!

Passion Mapping (Affinity Mapping

Passion mapping is a process of helping in-school (And some out-of-school) make the connection to their passions via a fun and exciting workshop designed to help them take areas of interest, and map out strategies, in a dream team of their peers, to analyze the multiple career paths available. 


Passion Mapping III.jpg
Passion Mapping II.jpg

Various Passion Mapping Events!

Youths work together to take common passions like sports and music and identify multiple career paths in these fields. as well as identify:

  • Relevant Academics
  • Possible College Major/Vo-Tech
  • Potential Role Models

All three are of critical importance to advance youth! 

This workshop is a great summer youth event or a youth careers pathways training. Contact us at (302) 559-4092 for more information! 

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