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Darrell Andrews Enterprises and Associate's virtual programs are customized with motivation in mind. We help our education customers not only think outside the box but to “blow the box up" as it relates to motivation and innovation. Creativity and a growth mindset are needed to inspire this generation of learners during the unexpected COVID19 Crisis. 

Our virtual events are high energy and customized to fit your specific needs. Our company has conducted over 2500 live speaking and training programs and hundreds of virtual ones worldwide!  Our programs are customized to address the unique needs of students during this global pandemic. Schools and districts are booking us for one-time motivational student assemblies and staff professional development, to long term consulting designed to analyze tools to help educators connect with kids virtually. 

Most Popular Educator and Administrator Speeches/Trainings

Virtual Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - Teaching on unique ways educators can use social-emotional techniques using tools such as SKYPE or Zoom. There are ways to communicate with students virtually in such a way that they feel important, even though they are at home.

Virtual Student Connectedness And Personalization - Motivational Strategies to help school stakeholders connect with students using virtual platforms. Relationship building is more important now than ever due to the crisis we are facing. We will share insights with educators designed to help them make the relational connection at home. 

How To Homeschool From A Lifetime Homeschooler (Parents and Teachers)-Internationally recognized homeschool expert virtually shares with educators, administrators, and parents--strategies she used to effectively homeschool three children. All three were honors students and received full scholarships to attend major universities. She is currently homeschooling 2 younger children in the same manner. Cheryl was a classroom teacher and currently, an adjunct professor. Her insights will be enlightening to educators and parents who are trying to figure it out.  

Virtual Teacher Motivation and PD - We customize professional development and staff motivation programs specifically for your school/district to keep educators inspired during the global pandemic. Many school districts have contracted us to conduct multiple programs to help keep staff inspired. 

Virtual Consulting
Our company specializes in two specific areas of virtual school-based consulting. Projects range from a month to two years or more based upon need. Contact us to discuss a possible virtual consulting if we can be of assistance.

Virtual Teamwork
In order to keep the team together during the pandemic, there is a need for tools to help educators and administrators communicate vision and mission and goals effectively online.  We conduct school "Think-Tanks" with administrators, counselors and a few select teachers to identify the best way to build virtual teamwork. This is more important today than ever before. Schedule a strategy session below to discuss.
Virtual Student Connectedness Coaching
Relationships are the currency of the 21st century!  Building relationships virtually with a generation of youth that are being exposed to a variety of distractions takes creativity and innovation.  Our student connectedness coaching system is a tool being used by many schools and school districts to create on-going awareness of the need to keep student relationship building on the mind of all school stakeholders!  Especially today when most students are home. We create connections initiatives, student success teams and on-going virtual PD to essure educators and school stakeholders are keeping student connectedness a top priority.

Most Popular Student Virtual Assemblies/Trainings

Connecting Dreams To Education - Students learn virtually via high energy interactions, affirmations, and best examples--the power of education to achieve their future dreams.

The Power Of STEM and Manufacturing Careers! - Many students in schools nationally are unaware of the power of careers in STEM and Manufacturing.  This high powered virtual event exposes them to the vast opportunities in both categories and why they should consider future careers in them.

Motivation At Home - We empower students to stay focused and committed to their assignments by providing them with virtual motivation to the long-term benefits of being committed to academics. With so many students at home, it is a challenge to keep them motivated. 

Time Management - Managing time is going to be critical for students during the COVID19 crisis. We will virtually train your students to manage their time wisely while at home.  

Passion Mapping Workshop (The Purpose Living Teen) - This virtual event is designed to help students identify careers within the realm of their purpose. This is our #1 requested event for students and goes along with our book "The Purpose Living Teen-A Teen's Guide To Living Your Dreams!" 

Parent Training and Speeches

"The Parent As Coach-Developing A Family Dream" Team Events

Contract Darrell "Coach D" Andrews to conduct a one-time or series of training events designed to help motivate parents during this challenging time. Parents today are juggling work, kids learning at home, taking care of elderly parents, and many other COVID19 related issues. Darrell Andrews Enterprises looks forward to partnering with your school district to offer necessary inspirational events for the parents of your students. 

His book "The Parent As Coach-Developing A Family Dream Team" has been a best seller for over 5 years! 

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