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Trauma-Informed Care is sweeping the USA as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. TIC takes conversations from "What is wrong with you" to "What happened to you?" Trauma-Informed Care recognizes the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledges the role trauma may play in an individual's life- including employees. 

Our "Empowering Self-Care" System is designed to be customized to the specific needs of your organization. Put systems in place to address the trauma and challenges faced by your employees and leaders!  90% of our customers are virtual, yet we offer live sessions as well!  Self-Care is a form of professional development that needs to be customized due to the varying challenges faced by different industries. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to the subject. Our team of consultants and coaches will conduct a thorough analysis of your specific needs before moving forward with suggestions. 

Our "Systems" approach is different than most "Self-Care" Initiatives, for it focuses on the following:

-Helping people overcome interpersonal barriers to self-care.
-Inspiring people to connect the importance of their own "well-being" to their ability to serve others.
-Training various industries to overcome "compassion fatigue." 
-Conducting monthly "Think-Tanks" designed to create Self-Care Accountability.
-Encouraging "Growth Mindset."
-Primarily done virtually to make it easier for teams to implement in their own space. We use two types of innovative technology. 
-Emphasis on the topics of sleep, diet, breathing, exercise, and connection as specific Self-Care topics.

We realize that self-care takes more than providing health-related options for the employees, it takes helping them develop the "internal resolve" to make self-care a top priority in their lives-which makes the options more desirable for them!
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                                                                                             Virtual Self-Care Training For A School District In Montana! 

Self-Care Reality!

The American Psychological Association states: Self-care has been defined as providing adequate attention to one's own physical and psychological wellness (Beauchamp & Childress, 2001). Beyond being an aspirational goal, engaging in self-care has been described as an "ethical imperative" (Norcross & Barnett, 2008) and is part of the APA's Ethics Code (2002). Psychologists globally are calling it "an ethical imperative."

From a Trauma perspective: Trauma is a person’s emotional, psychological, or physical response to a distressing event. When going through trauma healing, it is important to practice self-care. While many people may not think of this when recovering from trauma, it is critical to the overall trauma-healing process. (Dr. Julia Hood, Ph.D., BCBA, NCSP)

With Trauma-Informed Care being a significant priority nationally, self-care is an essential tool for professionals to help customers and clients. In our informal research via Professional Development and Coaching Sessions, most trainees and coachees are unfamiliar with the term "Self-Care." Many who are see it as “arrogant” or “self-serving.” This is not unusual thinking for people who work in Care-Based Industries.  This also highlights the need for education, awareness, and coaching, which leads to a new way of thinking about self-care and its many benefits.

How We Can Help

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Virtual Self-Care For A Workforce Development Organization in New Jersey!

Our "Empowering Self-Care" Systems range from a one-time "Empowering Self-Care" training (Or speech) to a comprehensive three, six, or nine-month training and think-tank system. Our offerings are listed below.

Empowering "Self-Care" Workshop Option (Training)

This training event is designed to provide workforce professionals with self-care tools and motivate attendees to prioritize it daily. The stress and trauma that come with many professions today can take their toll physically and mentally, so self-care is the primary tool to ensure balance, motivation, and daily energy to do their jobs with energy and vitality! 

Our session (s) will flow as follows.


-We will briefly introduce who we are and what we do. We will also discuss the "Think-Tank" model.

Why-Self Care?

We will analyze why self-care is essential in light of our times.


The Psychology of Self-Care

Due to daily challenges, we will analyze how our thinking can move us away from taking care of ourselves. We will also share insights on developing a new mindset that makes self-care a top priority in our lives.

Categories of Self-Care

We will look at self-care aspects, such as diet, exercise, identifying personal spaces, relaxation, life balance, and other vital areas during our time together.

How To? 

How do we put into motion self-care systems that teams become accountable to? What role doe this play in servicing our customers, students, or clients? 

Overcoming Roadblocks Via Planning

A plan is one of the primary keys to maintaining self-care for the long haul. Most people don't have time to plan self-care—attendees will create one!


With all virtual programs, we will offer healthy and safe seated breathing and exercising techniques. We suggest that staff and leaders attend the event with clothing suitable for light exercise--in their chairs. We do more with live events. 


Most training sessions last 3-4 hours, with breakout rooms and planning session time. On occasion, they go for a day or so. The workshop is highly interactive and motivational from start to finish!

Comprehensive System Option

With our comprehensive system, we offer training on a particular self-care topic once per month, with follow-up coaching and think-tank every month in small accountability groups. 
General Information.
-We conduct one training session per month on a self-care topic. We offer three, six- or nine-month sessions. The choice is up to your organization.
-We conduct monthly think-tank coaching sessions with small groups designated by your organization.  
- Each session will be educational, with follow-up action steps.
-The think-tank teams will be trained as an "Accountability Group" for the monthly discussion.
-Staff will be coached on workforce development-related self-care.

Training During Comprehensive System

Our training system is designed to provide teams with self-care tools to motivate them to prioritize it daily. The stress and trauma that many deals with today can take a toll physically and mentally. Self-care is the primary tool to ensure life-career balance, motivation, and daily energy to do the job of a workforce development professional. We will train on the same categories discussed in the individual workshop but will monthly focus on particular topics such as:

-Work-Life Balance
-Sleep and Rest
-Mindset and Psychology 

Each month we will focus on a topic that will be coached and trained to. The hope is that teams will create "accountability" toward team-self-care success that positively impacts workplace culture. 

Empowering Self-Care Coaching/Think Tanks (Accountability)
Staff will be partnered into small groups (Numbers determined by your organization) and provided with specific instructions on facilitating the sessions towards a particular outcome. We will personally coach the groups as well. Small group think tanks are a powerful tool for building synergy and accountability toward self-care.


Please contact our firm in the contact session on the website, or click here to schedule a 15-minute brainstorming session to discuss how we can help! 

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