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Our bespoke "Empowering Self-Care" System responds precisely to your organization's needs. We emphasize tailored solutions, understanding that self-care qualities differ across industries. Rather than generic solutions, our experts soar the seven seas to craft recommendations just for you.

Our approach champions:

Barrier Resolution: Empowering individuals to break self-care hindrances.
Well-being & Service: Illuminating personal wellness as a keystone for service to others.
Tackling Compassion Fatigue: Arming sectors to rise above this challenge.
Monthly "Think-Tanks:" Cultivating self-care accountability.
Promoting "Growth Mindset:" Cultivating continual self-improvement.
Integrated Solutions: Merging training and virtual coaching for effortless assimilation.
Core Wellness Pillars: Focusing on sleep, diet, joy, exercise, and connections.

Encouraging the natural duty to prioritize oneself is also self-care, among health-related options. And we will see you through to making it happen for your employees.
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                                                                                             Virtual Self-Care Training For A School District In Montana! 

Self-Care Reality!

The American Psychological Association spotlights self-care as a basic devotion to holistic well-being, branding it as an  "ethical imperative" (Norcross & Barnett, 2008).

Dr. Julia Hood (Ph.D., BCBA, NCSP) points to trauma as the mark of tragic occasions. The anchor of self-care is key for honest healing.

As Trauma-Informed Care gains national prominence, many professionals remain either uninformed about or misinterpret "Self-Care." This gap heightens the need for targeted education and coaching, advocating for a revived understanding of self-care's priceless role.

How We Can Help

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Introducing "Empowering Self-Care" Systems: singular sessions to elaborate three, six, or nine-month think-tank courses. What we offer:
The Self-Care Workshop: Empowerment Through Training

We equip your professionals with the finest tools to master daily self-care, ensuring resilience against modern-day stresses. Achieve balance, motivation, and zeal in every professional endeavor.

Our Agenda


We extend a warm introduction to our mission and discuss the innovative "Think-Tank" model.

Why-Self Care?

We explore the profound value of self-care in light of our times.


The Psychology of Self-Care

We harness self-care psychology to understand how our thought patterns can influence our well-being.

Categories of Self-Care

We navigate diverse facets of self-care, from nutrition and exercise to personal spaces and life balance.

The Strategy 

We crack self-care aspirations into actionable plans for your teams to remain accountable.
Duration: Amusing 3-4 hour sessions, occasionally extending to a full day.

Comprehensive System Option

Our comprehensive system offers monthly training on specific self-care topics, complemented by follow-up coaching and think-tank sessions in small accountability groups.

Key Elements

- Monthly training sessions tailored to your chosen self-care themes.
- Monthly think-tank coaching sessions for small designated groups.
- Every session provides practical insights and action steps.
- Think-tank teams evolve into empowered "Accountability Groups" for ongoing discussions.
- Workforce development-focused self-care coaching for staff.
- Training in the Comprehensive System

Our comprehensive system grows the self-care toolkit for your teams, especially in day-to-day prioritization. In a stressful environment, we usher your teams through vital topics such as work-life balance, nutrition, exercise, sleep, connections, mindset, and psychology.

Empowering Self-Care Coaching/Think Tanks (Accountability)
We organize your staff into small groups, specific to your organization's demands, and feed thorough advice for facilitating these sessions. Our personalized coaching assures your teams make meaningful strides toward self-care accountability.

Remember, "Self-Care Is A Precursor to Wellness." 

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