Post-Pandemic Leadership

Our New Definition of Leadership!

Pre-Pandemic - Ability To Guide, Govern, and Influence!

Post-Pandemic -The Ability to Listen, Understand and Engage!

Creating a new paradigm relating to leadership is of critical importance to lead a post-pandemic population. Would you?

  • Do you have leaders on your team who could use new leadership skillsets?
  • Are some of your team members still using harsh tactics to get employees to produce? 
  • Is your organization doing nothing at all to advance your leaders?
  • Are recruitment and retention an issue? 

Are you looking to enhance your overall leadership skills post-pandemic? You can look no further than Darrell Andrews LLC and Associates. Our globally recognized coaching process focuses on equipping leaders with the hard and soft skills needed to lead and retain today's workforce effectively. We help leaders reframe and redesign their leadership experience to the needs of the post-pandemic employee. 

Customizing leadership processes is essential for effective leadership coaching. At our coaching service, we believe in identifying specific leadership goals and objectives upfront--to design a personalized plan for each coachee.

Each session lasts 45 minutes to one hour in ZOOM or Microsoft Teams!

Personal Coaching For Leaders (One-On-One) 

Our six to eight-month coaching program can boost the insight and knowledge you need. Customized to fit your schedule, with weekly or bi-weekly sessions, our program will inspire you to be your best leader with a new generation of workers. 

You will learn new skills needed to impact your teams post-pandemic.

Contact us today to learn more at or schedule a no-cost strategy session. Call us at (302) 559-4092. 

We will address:

  1. The crucial differences in employee mindset pre and post-pandemic,
  2. The importance of active listening with employees of this generation.
  3. The significance of embracing a core-values-based leadership model.
  4. Critical leadership soft skills are needed to navigate the changing workplace.
  5. Making time to connect and engage with employees.
  6. Helping employees with trauma to consider outside resources.
  7. Leadership-based Emotional Intelligence.
  8. Learning the new framework for leading people. 
  9. Much more! 

Please feel free to reach out to post a discovery call to identify the best possibility for you as a leader or for your leaders.

Group Post-Pandemic Leadership Coaching

Upgrading your post-pandemic leadership skills is crucial for success. Our group coaching sessions will help your leaders create post-pandemic leadership skills. Perfect for departments and smaller businesses.  

The group coaching coaches on the categories above, where we meet once or twice per month. We also survey all leaders with a pre-, mid-, and post-survey to make the process data-driven!  

This model is also designed to get leaders on the same page in how the team will be led post-pandemic. They will work in think tanks to analyze what it takes to create leadership continuity in your organization to serve post-pandemic employees better. 

Could you contact us to discuss this option with your leaders? Let's work together to take your organization to the next level! Click here to schedule a meeting!


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Teaching Workforce Leaders in Michigan Post-Pandemic Leadership

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Lessons in Leadership During the Pandemic

The pandemic had provided us a great opportunity to analyze what kind of leader we are.

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