Why the Need for Virtual Motivation?

Virtual Motivation is the ability to inspire people via web-based communications tools like ZOOM, Skype, etc. The COVID19 Pandemic forced corporations, schools, colleges, agencies, and organizations worldwide to switch from live to online communications. For some, this was an easy transition; for others, it has been a nightmare.

The need to motivate virtually is essential for the following reasons:

  • People Are Distracted-The focus is on the presenter, teacher, manager, salesperson, etc. when live! Virtually, the dog can be barking; kids need a diaper change, etc.
  • People Need to Be Pulled In-Again, they are not there with you, so you need to pull them in using body language, storytelling, etc.  Using Virtual Motivation Strategies, you increase the chance of engagement and enhanced learning from the viewer.
  • You Need to Keep the Momentum-(If you are a manager, you need to keep your staff focused on productivity-even if working from home. If you are a teacher, you need to keep your students inspired to learn.  No matter what your line of work, you need to keep the momentum—online.)  

Our Framework

Our Virtual Motivation Training Process is designed to teach individuals who regularly use online communication tools, strategies to motivate and inspire their audiences! We have mastered the art! In the case of organizations who do one-on-one work (Like Case-Managers for Workforce Development), you will learn valuable tools to engage individuals. Our 4 P Virtual Motivation Framework Encompasses:

1. Purpose-We help online communicators reframe their online experiences around the same purpose they had when interacting with audiences or individuals offline. Purpose plays a significant role in the mindset online communicators have when engaging their audience or individuals. We can help! 

2. Perception-If online communicators fear the screen, it will be challenging to make connections with the audience. To make the connections, communicators need to focus on the need to create a mindset of confidence and courage. 

3. People-We help online communicators use hand-gestures, body language, and smiling to pull their audiences or individuals. We also discuss the importance of impacting the four primary personality styles (Amicable, Demonstrative, Analytical, and Amiable) to affect all individual styles during the meeting or class.

4. Power-We train online communicators to take charge of the sessions. The goal is to captivate the listener, and the best way to do that is to exhibit power during your sessions. Our framework will help with this critical aspect of online learning.  


There are 4 ways to can assist:

1. Full-Day Training-We can customize a Virtual Motivation training for you and your staff
2. Training with Individual Coaching-We offer a session with follow-up coaching for individuals who need a little more assistance.
3. Coaching-We only offer this to a limited number of customers.  We coach individuals and groups over a one to two-month period, weekly sessions. This is a concentrated effort with smaller groups or individuals. 
4. Part of Events-We can customize a one hour to a ½ day event for organizations that would like Virtual Motivation to become a part of an already established Professional Development day or event. 

Visit our contact us page or scroll down and schedule a 15-minute strategy session to discuss using our services. 

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