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Our "Diversity From The Inside Out," 3M Framework, encourages employees to shine brighter than traditional understanding and feel equity, deep within their souls. Why have billions of dollars faded on shallow initiatives? They graze the surface, ignoring the buried biases that mold our worldviews. We believe that “Diversity is not a mind issue; it is a heart issue.”

Turning a blind eye to diverse communities must no longer be an option. Graved biases and misconceptions can be concrete walls, but they do not have to be.

Together, we will carve mindsets and unlatch a world where embracing different cultures becomes second nature. This is for every leader, client, student, and educator. The ripple effects have no borders.

Listen below to a West Coast partner share their life-changing “Diversity Journey” below

Diversity 3M Framework

In our dynamic virtual and live training and consulting, we unveil the Diversity 3M Framework approach. This training is about changing hearts and minds.


Study historical perspectives that have subtly shaped your view of diverse communities. Locate biases you may not even know you have. Our coaching and training foster a growth mindset, allowing you to see diversity through a new lens, one that reviews your words, actions, and impact.

We bring out motivation, exploring the rich history and contributions of marginalized communities when given the chance to thrive. Discover why this shift is not just good for individuals but is the foundation of our nation's growth and prosperity.

Most diversity initiatives falter due to a lack of follow-through. We break that cycle. Our ongoing education, through webinars, coaching, videos, and staff interactions, keeps equity at the forefront of everyone's mind. We aim to incorporate diversity motivation into your culture, engaging HR and key leaders, and guaranteeing it is both known and alive throughout your organization.

 Allow us to strengthen your company culture and embrace the power of diversity.

Our Virtual "Diversity Journey" Offerings

Virtual SRM .png

Virtual DEI Leadership Think-Tank With One of Our Customers!

Here are three magnific routes we pursue with your organization,

Our Virtual "Diversity Journey" Offerings

1. Diversity From The Inside Out One-Time Training: We follow the trails of the common ground that we all stand on to furnish your teams with tools that reform old perspectives. It can run from a retreat, staff session, or any professional setting.

2. Diversity From The Inside Out Think-Tank Sessions: Before our finest coaches are set in place to trek with your organization, they embark on a two to three-month apprising bi-weekly trip with your leaders. Why? To land them in DEI's essence, ensuring a wave of acceptance, rather than resistance.

3. Diversity From The Inside Out (On-Going Consulting): We think monthly discussions, task force formations, and best practice interviews with your organization. This is a lengthy odyssey into the soul of Diversity.

DEI Diversity From The Inside Out Leadership Coaching

Whether group-focused or fashioned for one, our DEI coaching buckles down into generic meetings. We prepare a haven for blossoming in DEI wisdom. Boasting 70 years of collective expertise, it is your time to soar into our wonderland.

Longing for the magnificence of DEI coaching? Check us out.

Other DEI Engagements

These are more than just training, discover DEI think tanks:

  1. Navigating Microaggressions
  2. Immersing into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  3. Cracking Implicit Biases
  4. Mastering DEI Active Listening
  5. Cultural Awareness
  6. Emotional Intelligence in DEI
  7. Team Dynamics in DEI
  8. Racial Equity Insights
    ... and bespoke sessions tailored just for you.

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