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Small Business Accountability Coaching!

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship can be fulfilling but isolating. At times, breaking free from our own thoughts is essential to overcoming self-imposed barriers. Our coaching program is tailored for business owners seeking regular guidance—offering weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions to infuse a dose of success and personal accountability.

Drawing from over two decades of success in the business realm, we understand the importance of consistency in pursuing goals and objectives. Our coaching program zeroes in on goals, mindset, and priorities, acting as a compass to keep you on track as you navigate the expansion of your business and team.

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Career Coaching 

With decades of experience as a nationally recognized workforce development professional, I've dedicated myself to various aspects of career growth. Whether it's crafting impactful resumes, reinventing careers, or mastering the art of successful interviews, we've guided numerous individuals on the path to workplace success. Additionally, we've assisted individuals in evaluating new skill sets and abilities to propel them forward in their existing careers.

If you're in need of a coach to support you in your career endeavors, look no further. We're here to assess your goals and objectives, providing guidance to ensure you stay committed on the journey to achieving them!

Reach out to us to schedule a discovery call on our small business accountability coaching system! Click Here to schedule a call! 

Alive! Life Coaching!

Navigating life post-pandemic can be summed up in one word: challenging. Stress, anxiety, and trauma have reached unprecedented levels, and what used to be considered basic aspects of life now appear more complex. If you find yourself in a spiral and crave support to tackle the multitude of challenges, consider hiring a life coach/mentor. Our coaching sessions provide a compassionate ear, a supportive friend, and a space to express your challenges and frustrations. Yet, you'll leave with a strategy that sparks a sense of rejuvenation and hope.

Could you use a life coach to help you in your current situation? Reach out to us to schedule a discovery call on our Alive! Life Coaching coaching system! Click Here to schedule a call! 

Empowering Self-Care Accountability Coaching! 

Our self-care motto is simple yet powerful: "Self-Care Is A Precursor To Wellness." In our fast-paced generation, the prevalent challenge is dedicating more time to work and others than to oneself, resulting in issues like depression and other mental struggles, despite external success.

Enter our "Empowering Self-Care" Coaching—a transformative six-month program with weekly sessions. It's designed to empower you with tools to plan and implement personalized self-care systems. We advocate for gradual strategies, encouraging a crawl-before-you-walk approach to rest, exercise, diet, relationships, and community. By the end of the six months, we anticipate you'll be flowing smoothly in your self-care routine.

The more you prioritize self-care, the brighter your outlook becomes. Reach out to us to schedule a discovery call for our Empowering Self-Care Accountability Coaching System! Click here to schedule your call!

Service Offerings (Contact Us For Cost)

We offering coaching in multiple formats. Please come prepared to discuss the best one for you as a coachee! 

A one time strategy session!

Weekly 45 minute to one hour sessions!

Biweekly 45 minute to one hour sessions.

Group sessions (Lowers overall cost-you set up the group)

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Conducting A Leadership Coaching Session With A Corporate HR Leader-Top!

Coaching A Small-Business (Non-Profit) Owner-Bottom


A few of our coaches:

  1. Pierre Campbell-Nationally acclaimed Leadership Coach and Consultant.
  2. Rachel Revill-Priorities Coach.
  3. Darrell 'Coach D" Andrews-22 years Professional Development, Life, Career, Business. Self-Care Consultant/Coach.
  4. Colleen Bertrand-Habits and Self-Care coach! 

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