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Leaders Need To Be "Diversity Ready!"

DEI is a professional and personal development focus that requires leaders to be prepared, knowledgeable, and committed. Many DEI initiatives over the years have fizzled out quickly because leaders have not taken the time to do the upfront work of a personal, team, or organizational analysis. Our team of coaches can help with this.

Personal Coaching For Leaders!

Our coaches personalize coaching for individual leaders designed to help them analyze and make necessary adjustments in their own DEI development. Our confidential coaching helps leaders, their directors, and managers better grasp DEI principles (in a safe space.) This allows them to become better prepared to lead DEI initiatives.

Group Leadership DEI Coaching

We offer monthly DEI group coaching "Think-Tanks" designed to enhance leaders' DEI knowledge, establish DEI vision and mission, and analyze DEI implementation strategies.

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Virtual Diversity Leadership Think-Tank With A Customer in Washington State! (Medical Organization) 


Various Coaching Topics (Abridged)

Our coachings are customized to your leaders' needs and are confidential. We allow your leaders to ask questions, learn, grow, and reanalyze DEI goals and objectives. Many leaders are uncomfortable asking questions for fear of saying something wrong. With our coaching, there are no inappropriate questions, and we support DEI education, awareness, and understanding. 

Listed below are a few of our many DEI leadership-focused coaching topics. 

Topic-Understanding DEI-Many leaders need help understanding DEI. We offer coaching designed to help leaders grasp DEI principles and better understand the need to learn new skill sets to understand Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion better. 

Topic-Diversity Growth Mindset-Dr. In her book "Mindset" Carol Dweck focuses on the need for a growth mindset relating to business, life, and family leadership. This session analyzes growth mindset and its application to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We will help the leader realize the power of mindset and its benefits as a Diversity Leader. 

Topic-Leading A Diversity-Focused Organization-During this session, we coach the leader to embrace the process of leading Diversity within your company by first modeling the behavior expected. DEI success is best established via DEI modeling and expectations, and we help the leader develop these skills. 

Topic-Diversity Leadership Emotional Intelligence-We help leaders make the connection between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-and Emotional Intelligence regarding leading people. A direct link between the two helps the leader better lead Diverse Teams.

Topic-Overcoming Past Stereotypes To lead in the DEI space effectively, leaders must address the elephant in the room--historical perspectives. We analyze why certain perceptions exist regarding marginalized groups and how leaders can overcome past perceptions based on societal norms. 

Group Coaching Think-Tanks-For many of our customers, we offer group leadership coaching sessions with small groups of leaders in a think tank format. This allows leaders to grow together--and get on the same page regarding their DEI focus, vision, and expectations. Many of our customers chose this option. 

Many More Coaching Topics-We offer multiple coaching topics and often customize the topics to the needs of our customers. Please keep in mind that our coaching is informational yet motivational. Our current clients not only learn, but they also enjoy the motivational spin woven into our process. 


A few of our coaches:

  1. Marvin Worthy-A 30 year Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coach and Consultant.
  2. Pierre Campbell-Nationally acclaimed Leadership and Diversity Coach and Consultant.
  3. Rachel Revill-A certified Diversity Consultant
  4. Darrell 'Coach D" Andrews-22 years Professional Development Coach, Diversity. Leadership and Core Values Consultant/Coach.

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