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Leaders Need To Be "Diversity Ready!"

A leader's preparation, knowledge, and commitment are significant in DEI. Yet, many DEI attempts lag swiftly because there is neither personal nor organizational foundation. Hire our reputable coaches to help you leaders embrace DEI principles. 

Personal DEI Coaching for Leaders

Our eminent coaches prepare training impeccably for each leader, facilitating a solid understanding of their DEI journey. Confided in utter discretion, we empower leaders, directors, and managers to grasp and embody DEI principles with grace — fashioning a refuge for enlightenment and preparation.

Group Leadership DEI Coaching

Our monthly DEI "Think-Tanks" is a safe space to boost DEI acumen, carve out visionary DEI directives, and dissect thoughtful performance strategies. Leaders need a safe space. To analyze DEI, we offer this for our your leaders. 


Educating United Airlines Leaders


Some Coaching Topics We Offer

Every question is welcomed and growth is inevitable. The objective is to reimagine DEI goals with clarity, fostering education, awareness, and true understanding.​

Select Topics From Our Prized DEI Leadership Modules:

Mastering DEI Essentials: Master the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We light up the path, allowing leaders to embrace new skills and a profound comprehension of DEI.

Cultivating a Diversity Growth Mindset: Drawing from Dr. Carol Dweck's influential work, "Mindset," we explore the power of a growth mindset in business, life, and, most crucially, in fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Leading A Diversity-Focused Organization: Lead by example. We coach leaders to be ground-breakers, stressing the essence of modeling and setting tangible DEI standards.

Emotional Intelligence in Diversity Leadership: Bridge the gap between Emotional Intelligence and DEI. With our insights, leaders will steer diverse teams with grace and efficacy.

Overcoming Historical Stereotypes: Address and dismantle long-standing societal biases. Together, we will unearth the origins of perceptions and lead leaders toward an unburdened future.

Collaborative DEI Think-Tanks: Experience the union of group leadership sessions. Set in a think-tank environment, this joint approach warrants aligned DEI visions and shared aspirations.

Customized Coaching Avenues: Our offers are many. We customize to client specifications, and our coaching is much more fierce than simple information. It soaks motivation well into the learning process.

Reach out to us to schedule a meeting to discuss coaching your leaders. info@coachdspeaks.com or schedule a time that works for you at https://calendly.com/coachdspeaks

A Few of the Distinguished Coaches We are Proud to Have

  1. Marvin Worthy- A 30 year Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coach and Consultant.
  2. Pierre Campbell- Nationally acclaimed Leadership and Diversity Coach and Consultant.
  3. Rachel Revill- A certified Diversity Consultant
  4. Darrell 'Coach D" Andrews- 22 years Professional Development Coach, Diversity. Leadership and Core Values Consultant/Coach.

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