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One of the most challenging times in a person's life is when they have been laid off from a job, retiring, or looking for the next phase of their lives. From a business perspective, many times, our businesses have become stagnant and not growing, or owners are merely tired of going down the same pathway. "The Reinvention Process" is a consulting and coaching model developed by Darrell "Coach D" Andrews, the "Workforce Development Motivator." For the past 20 years, state governments, non-profit associations, and corporations (during downsizing) have used the services of he and his team of experts. We help people nalyze skillsets that they may not be aware they possess, with the goal of a new career or business pathway. 

For the past 20 years, Darrell "Coach D" Andrews has been a global leader in the area of workforce development, job search, reinvention, and job readiness. He and his firm Darrell Andrews, LLC, have trained over 50,000 people on effective job search and job readiness and techniques.  He has been invited to speak at over 1000 workforce development events globally. "The Reinvention Process" was created as a result of his highly popular "Reinvention, The Pathway To Job Search Success" Workshop.  Coach D and his team have empowered countless individuals who are looking to reinvent themselves in their careers and life. The Reinvention Process provides multiple services offered by Darrell Andrews Enterprises and associates. A few of the services are listed below.

Reinvention Framework

The Reinvention Process is a system that has been taught for close to twenty years. Our research has shown us that significant roadblocks to reinventing a career or business are steeped in the way our mind is wired. The reinvention of profession or business starts with an analysis of mental habits have we embraced due to past experiences. These habits carve out neurological pathways that keep us stuck in a particular mode of operating. Our mind fiercely protects our old way of thinking--so we have to carve out new pathways to Reinvent ourselves. 

We have four specific areas of our reinvention framework that we focus on during our coaching (Or training for organizations who offer group events.) The time commitment to each area is based upon the level of intensity needed by the end-user. 

Reinvention Framework Area 1-Growth Mindset-We spend copious time analyzing potential roadblocks to reinventing yourself. We focus on Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University's work.  Dr. Dweck's research and book "Mindset-The New Psychology of Success" focuses on helping people go from a fixed mindset (The challenge defines me) to a growth mindset (I will find a way to achieve my goal.) Our session in this area focuses on uncovering mental roadblocks that limit your ability to reinvent. Growth Mindset is the key to success. Most people don't advance until they begin to see the potential in themselves to change. 

Reinvention Framework Area 2-Transferable Skillsets-We coach our clients to uncover some of the transferable skillsets they have obtained via work or business experience, volunteerism, and other areas of service. We motivate our customers to thoroughly analyze how these skills can be used in a new job experience or business direction.

Reinvention Framework Area 3-New Direction Pursuit-We coach our customers via the creation of a plan of action to pursue their newfound career or business pathway. We will analyze people, places organizations, and resources you need to get on the pathway to your new career or business dream. 

Reinvention Framework Area 4-Accountability Calls-Team-We help our customers identify people in their lives who they are comfortable sharing their plans with-to help them with weekly or by-weekly accountability of the new goals they established to reinvent themselves. For people who do not have anyone to hold them accountable in the early phase of the process, we offer our services at a reduced cost.

Our "Reinvention Process" Coaching And Training Offerings 

Reinvention Coaching Systems- Our coaching sessions are contingent upon the needs of our customers. For customers who need a little strategy, take a look at our strategy session listed below. For customers who would like to dive a little deeper, we offer four weeks, six weeks, and eight-week coaching options. Once you sign up for one of the options, you will be directed to a scheduling page to schedule a time to discuss your coaching schedule and plan-and to ask any additional questions.

Reinvention Process Strategy Sessions-Our strategy sessions are designed to help you "Think-Tank" out a possible career reinvention strategy. We spend one to one and 1/2 hours with you analyzing your reinvention dreams and goals and provide possible solutions and strategies to move forward. This "brainstorming" session has helped countless individuals looking to reinvent their careers or businesses. Below is the link to pay for the service. If you have any questions, schedule a meeting below (Strategy Meeting) to discuss. 

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